all need our
Happy Places

We’ve been helping
Golden Retrievers find
their own…for over
twenty-two years and counting…

  • We encourage and promote responsible dog ownership, to reduce the abuse
    and neglect of all Golden Retrievers through rehabilitation and adoption.
  • We do everything in our power to assure humane treatment, spay/neuter, rehabilitate Golden Retrievers by placing them in caring foster homes.
  • We strive to educate the public in responsible dog ownership, proper health & nutrition, spay/neutering, training & good canine citizenship and discourage unwanted & careless breeding practices.
  • We promote humane care for all dogs.



GRRoW has been working in tandem with RAGOM, a Golden Retriever rescue organization, for the past several years in an effort to coordinate aid and rehabilitation to all the Goldens out there in need.

Through our combined efforts we have been able to create several international rescue efforts with China and other countries in need of Golden rescue help.

  • Dana Boursassa is our founder. She volunteered for Retrieve a Golden of the Midwest (RAGOM) and adopted an 8-year-old Golden who no one wanted named Buddy. She later became the Wisconsin Director of RAGOM. With all the activity in Wisconsin, it seemed to be a good idea to start another rescue, so with RAGOM’s blessing and Dana’s vision, GRRoW was born. She and her dad both donated $500 for startup costs but still needed an additional $450 which was donated by friends.
  • GRRoW’s official name is Golden Retriever Rescue of Wisconsin Inc. Our Articles of Incorporation were established on February 29, 2000. We are the oldest statewide, all volunteer, non-profit single-breed rescue organization. GRRoW is responsible for over 3,000 Goldens placed into homes to date, and as of 2021, GRRoW is now covering all of Wisconsin and The Upper Peninsula of Michigan.
  • GRRoW’s dogs come primarily from owner surrenders, Craigslist & commercial breeders. The first auction GRRoW attended was November 18, 2000 through Southwest Auction Services LLC. Just like we do today, we partnered with other rescues, and at the event GRRoW rescued six Goldens, while Retrieve a Golden of the Midwest (RAGOM) received two, and a Missouri rescued four. We partnered with As Good as Gold (AGaG) to help rescue breeder dogs and two dogs from Turkey (Merry and Christmas). We teamed up with Love Puerto Rico Gold (LPRG) to save 15 Goldens from the streets. This year we joined hands with 14 US Golden Retriever Groups and Chinese rescuers to save six stray and shelter housed Goldens due from inhumane treatment.
  • With over 200 volunteers, GRRoW has been able to expand its resources to now offer an online merchandise store as well as quarterly newsletter (PawPrints) to keep all of our members and friends up top date with GRRoW’s activities.