Dog ID: 22-05

August 16, 2022:

Three cheers for Abbie! Abbie took a long car ride to her forever home. She is getting settled. She has a canine brother now and a loving human family. Everyone is so excited that Abbigail Rose has joined the family. She has melted their hearts with her sweet and gentle personality. Her family applied for a GRRoW dog after a tough loss of a 13-year-old rescue. They knew that there was another Golden out there that needed a good home filled with walks, swimming, belly rubs, play and love. Abbie, you are home now.

Adoption Date: August 15, 2022

July 18, 2022:

Abbie has been with her foster family for about a month. She was quite underweight when she arrived and has been enjoying three meals a day. She is slowly gaining weight and her appearance isn’t as shocking. In fact, she kind of looks like she grew a little taller too. She is just under two years, so maybe she had a little bit of catching up to do. Or else she carries herself with more confidence now and appears taller.

Abbie wiggles, wags and gives kisses. She will offer her paw to get attention. She is mellow and chill but enjoys a good walk. She does a 1.5-mile loop in the morning. She is a loose-leash walker until she sees a bunny, squirrel or chipmunk. Then you need to hold on tight!

Abbie has joined her foster family of two humans and two female dogs from GRRoW, ages 1 and 3. She gets along well and seems to be buddying up with the 1-year-old. If you call one, you’ll get both. Abbie likes both hard and soft toys. She is a classic golden–likes to carry things around.

Abbie was spayed and then came down with a UTI. It was a big setback to her house training but things are getting back on track.

Her foster family knows that placement is coming. All the signs of her being ready are there. This is the bittersweet part of the process. Abbie is such a good girl and we will really miss her. At the same time, she really needs her own family where she will belong forever.

June 22, 2022:

GRRoW struck gold with this sweetheart!  Abbie is friendly!  Wags her tail.  Wiggles.  Gives kisses.  Playful.  Has a cute curl near her rump.  A bit of a clothing thief.  Hearty appetite, which is good because she has some weight to gain.  Contrary to what is expected from a retired breeder, she joins the family.  Goes in and out of her crate.  We are working on house training – went all day yesterday without an accident (fingers crossed).  Her vet appointment yielded great results; she is a healthy girl.  Special thanks to all the GRRoW volunteers who worked so hard to get her here!  And for all the supporters!  More to come.