Ember ( was Amber)

Dog ID: 22-096

January 27, 2023:

Per Ember’s New Family:
Since bringing Ember (previously Amber) home, she has settled in quickly with our family. She is loving and playful with everyone she meets, although when out for hikes, she requires a moment to assess anyone approaching in the distance before she then determines they are fabulous. She has conquered the 5k hike like a champ and has developed a trademark move. After a brief stop to sniff around, she will full-out sprint to get ahead of whomever is in the lead. We are looking forward to puppy school soon to learn how to be even better at all things outdoors. Ember’s other favorite pastime is eating (and chasing) ice cubes around the kitchen. She is a constant source of entertainment, and we can’t imagine life without her ♥️
Adopted December 30, 2022


December 4, 2022:

Amber’s foster mom says she is setting in beautifully! She loves being outside and exploring. She loves running around the backyard and has gotten brave zooming in and out of trees. Amber is a confident kiddo who knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to go after it. She has found her voice and uses it when she feels there is fun happening that she’s missing out on.