Dog ID: 22-041 | 1 Year, 7-month old Male | Medium-high Energy | Good with Dogs | Good With Kids | Cats Not Preferred | Anxiety when left alone |Occasional car sickness |

August 8, 2022:

We failed again and couldn’t be happier! Apollo’s foster home has now become his forever home. Apollo has a great personality and has us laughing every day. We have nicknamed him Clifford the Big Red Dog. Apollo loves walks, watching for rabbits and squirrels out the windows, playing fetch, and carrying multiple balls in his mouth at the same time. Apollo and our other 2 goldens have become good friends and can often be found running in the yard or taking naps on the floor together. I work from home and that is good fit for Apollo’s desire to be around people. We are so happy we get to be Apollo’s forever home!

June 3, 2022:

Apollo is a 1-½ year old Golden Retriever who has been with us for just over a week and is doing great! We love having him in the house and he gets along well with our two dogs. When Apollo arrived at our house, he was on anxiety medication, but hasn’t had any medication since. We walk him 2-3 times a day and for a minimum of 2-3 miles each time. He has walked on sidewalks, neighborhood streets, paved trails, and nature trails and seems to love them all! Apollo is getting better on the leash with each walk. He walks really well with one person, but if there are more people walking in the group he is very confused on where he should be. His big downfall is squirrels, and he can pull really hard if he wants to. He loves to be outside in our backyard and will often lay in the grass with a tennis ball or two in his mouth.

Apollo loves his people! I work from home and most of the time he is sleeping on the floor next to me. When others are at home, he is always moving around to make sure he isn’t missing anything. Apollo will pick items up if they are left out, so we shut the doors to bedrooms and the mudroom and have had no issues. In fact, he has never actually chewed anything, he only moves things. Apollo is super gentle and takes treats out of our hands. Apollo will sit with all the other dogs and wait patiently for his treat. We do leave him alone with our other dogs and we have had no issues.

May 23, 2022

Apollo just arrived at his new foster home. Here’s what his foster mom has to say about his first day:
Apollo is doing great.  He went on three walks yesterday and is getting along just fine with our other dogs.  All of the dogs, including Apollo, slept on the floor in our room.  Once he realized he was not getting a spot in the bed he found a spot and was good till this morning.  He has already been on a walk this morning and did great.  He also got a little shower this morning when he decided to hop in and join me.  He is right with us and if we give him any attention, he sucks it all up and wants more.  However, he will go lay in our sunroom by himself when there is nothing going on.