Dog ID: 22-033

July 22, 2022:

April thus far has proved to be a very happy and friendly addition to our family. She has explored up and down both sets of stairs and shows a triumphant smile and wag at the top! Her interactions with the cats have been gentle and curious, she enjoys watching them but doesn’t react otherwise. She has chosen a favorite chair recently and enjoys cuddling her new family on it nightly. April has been eating well and walked well (if not slightly unfocused) on her leash. She seems to enjoy rolling in the yard, brushes, and playing fetch with the other dogs. Snuggles and kisses never end!

April 25, 2022:

April has been in foster care for two weeks. She is becoming more familiar with house living, working on house breaking and coming along well. She is crate trained, and has no accidents in there, sleeps quietly all night. She likes to follow her person around in the house, except not in the living room when the TV is on! She’s still afraid of the TV. She is working on a healthier lifestyle, getting more exercise and eating healthier food. She will be spayed in May, and hopes to lose a little weight before then. She loves to chase the Kong and play, but bringing it back, well, we’re still working on that. April gets along wonderfully with her foster canine siblings, and can also coexist peacefully with cats. Kids? Yes please!! She’s doing a lot of dog things like digging in the spring dirt, finding sticks to chew, and smelling all the smells out in the yard. She’s  still learning about the freedom of the yard and the house, something she didn’t have in her former life, retreating to her crate if things become a bit overwhelming for her.  She is vocal and let’s you know when she is hungry, has to go outside, or is just plain bored! Taking care of her need fixes it! She is also learning that when it’s time to come out of the crate… quiet gets her out more quickly than barking does. At only five years old she has a long, wonderful life ahead of her. She’s a big golden teddy bear, perfect for hugging, and she’s going to find the perfect home when the time comes! ❤️🥰

April 15, 2022:

Welcome April to the GRRoW family! She is slowly settling into home life. She has a very sweet disposition, gets along well with everyone, is co-existing well with dogs and cats, and is discovering that the TV, ice-maker, and washing machine are not going to come after her! She has discovered the kong, and entertains herself by throwing it around and going after it. She could spend hours nosing around in the fenced yard, and loves her food! She speaks up if she wants something, but is quiet in her crate all night. She is working on leash walking and understanding that if a hand comes towards her, it’s a kind one. She is getting better about going into her crate willingly, and is learning that outside is where she should do her business. She needs to lose a few pounds (who doesn’t), regular exercise will help with that! She will need to spayed yet, and after spending some time in foster care, will be ready to find that special, lucky forever family who have been looking for her!

April 12, 2022:

April Eve is getting used to her new foster home and all the doggy friends to keep her company. More later on this gentle soul.