Chewy ( was Archie)

Dog ID: 22-109

February 23, 2023:

In the words of Chewy:

“We have a good schedule going. I’m a 6:00 a.m. alarm clock, jumping up on my mom and dad’s bed, giving dad kisses like crazy. Then it’s outside time, back to bed and I will pull bed covers off to let them know it’s time to get up.

I like to redecorate by prancing out with shoes, boots, wash cloths, socks, and even my doggy bed, putting them in the living room. My parents have a hard time not laughing at me.

I still really love to play fetch, emptying my tox box, finding goodies in my snuffle rug, playing “find the toy,” walks when the weather is okay and playing in the snow.

Puppy “training” classes have been a breeze for me but I sometimes can’t help but play with my bestie Clover for most of the class time. My mom taught me commands like sit, shake, lie down, high five and we’re working on roll over yet. She tosses a soft ball, and I can catch it sometimes. I like to give her a “boop” when I want to go outside.

I’ve been to pet stores, the vet, a groomer, a car wash but love the smells coming from the Culver’s restaurant drive-thru the best. I was so excited when we stopped for a visit with my foster mom! I’m told we will be going camping soon and are even going to see hot air balloons (whatever those are) in October.

We visited Barb and Bella at a GRRoW event near our home recently. They were at the place were I had my first grooming appointment.

I am getting lots of attention, brushings, food, treats, bully sticks but mostly love, which makes me happy that I rescued my parents.”

January 12, 2023: 

We are enjoying Chewy so very much! In the week we’ve had him, we’ve worked on potty training. I’d like to say we’re completely there but just today he did have a peeing accident on the kitchen floor.  He has a lot of energy, is so goofy, is curious about all the new toys, the noises around us, so snuggly and what the neighbors are doing. We swear his paws have doubled in size! 

He has been to the vet and has his next appointment in February. He had playtime with a neighbor’s doodle and starts puppy training on Sunday (at a place recommended by our vet.)

January 6, 2023:

Archie started the New Year with a family of his own and a new name–meet Chewy!

Adopted January 3, 2023

December 14, 2022:

Archie recently arrived at his foster home and is beginning to relax. In addition to being cute as a button, Archie is active and playful, loves wet food, snuggles and kisses and is learning his name. He will be ready for his forever family very soon!