Dog ID: 21-037T

November 30, 2021:

Babe has found her forever home!

November 2, 2021:

I was laying low since my surgery a little over a month ago. They removed a bladder stone the size of a crab cake, and I feel so much better! The vet also removed what she thought was a mammary tumor. When tested, the tumor turned out to be plant material and not cancerous (phew!). It’s probably a remnant from my being stuck in the thorn bush back in Turkey. I had to wear a cone while I was waiting to get my stitches out, and that wasn’t fun. Thankfully, I have been taken off restrictions because the squirrels were teasing me! Luckily, while I was laid up, my foster brother chased them to help me out.

I recently was able to go back to attending meet and greets. I love the pets I receive at them and people telling me how pretty I am. I recently began wearing something called Halloween costumes. Just one of the new things I’m learning about since I came to Wisconsin.

September 13, 2021:

I started seeking out attention from my foster mom and dad, and it helps me relate to the peoples at meet and greets. I absolutely LOVE all the love and am trusting more, so started rolling on my side for belly rubs. May not seem like much, but it’s a lot to me. Babe-e steps, right?

I love brushing against tall plants and choose them over the lawn whenever I can. I looked so cute rolling around in the garden and was so proud of my new flattened Hosta bed that they couldn’t get mad at me. It’s tough being adorable, but I manage.

Two months now I’ve been in the United States! So different from where I was. Walks are slooooooow as I take in all the new smells. I’ve learned some English since being here, too. I come and sit when I’m asked, but play dumb during cheese lessons.

I love riding in the car and am such a good girl! I jump in and lay down, and laugh when my foster brother gets bugs up his nose. I love it when we go to the bank and stores that hand out treats, or visit retired neighbors who have nothing to do but pet me. Maybe I’ll get sympathy biscuits after my bladder stone surgery in a few weeks…paws crossed!

August 11, 2021:

I had a vet appointment since my last update, and the vet thinks I’m actually older, not the four listed on my passport. That could explain why I am so mellow.

During my checkup, they X-rayed my belly and found a bladder stone. I will be having surgery to remove it, and while under, they’ll clean up some remaining injuries made by the thorn bush back in Turkey. My foster dad has been slowly brushing out my matted fur, and it gets easier to tolerate because I feel a little better each time. Everything is so new here, and this is just one of the things, that’s all.

My eyes are a lighter brown and not typical of a Golden, but those who have met me say they are beautiful. The love I have come to know from the nice peoples is really easy to get used to. They pet me and show me kindness, and I look forward to meeting more. My foster brother tells me of magical little carts with little peoples in them, many times with a tray of snacks. I really really want to meet them!

July 19, 2021:

Merhaba, I’m Babe! It was a long plane ride to get to the USA, and then a little more in a car for Wisconsin, but I’m so glad to be here. Settling into my foster home very nicely . . . can’t believe it’s almost two weeks now!

After a few days of getting to know my foster brother and sister through the baby gate, we got to meet. Everything went well, and we have been hanging out together. I even tried out the dog chair but was a little too big for it. I love laying in a cardboard box with lots of blankets. It’s just the right size to make me feel snug as a bug.

I pause in the doorway when I come back in. Someone probably taught me to do that to wipe my feet before coming in. I’m learning to come and sit for treats. Maybe I should pretend I don’t understand, so I can get more.

I was found in a patch of thorns, and some of those wounds were still healing when I arrived, so went to a nearby vet that had an opening to help that process. They also found I was 70 pounds, so I’m sure when I go in for my official checkup that they might say I have to lose a few. Better catch on to that come command before that appointment, so it keeps raining treats. Not totally diggin’ the baby carrots, but I suppose I can adapt.

Looking forward to learning more about living in Wisconsin.

July 6, 2021:

Babe arrived from Turkey on July 5. More information will follow.