Dog ID: 21-006R

February 17, 2022:

It has been one full year with sweet Bear! Just wanted to let you know that he is doing so well and we couldn’t have asked for a better boy. He still loves toys- especially balls- and any kind of human attention. He has been going to day care once a week and he loves it! The employees tell us what a sweet heart he is and that he is able to get even the older dogs to play! He’s the best traveler and has gone to 9 states with us in the last year and never gets sick of rides or getting out for a good hike! Thank you again for your work with GRROW and for introducing us to Bear.

March 18, 2021:

Hello! I just wanted to provide a little update that Bear continues to settle in! He celebrated his birthday this month too!! He is the sweetest boy and continues to show us his personality. Bear no longer shakes or is timid about going for car rides – he knows he is always coming home now. He’s enjoyed more hikes and playing with his toys and balls!

February 22, 2021:

Bear loves to explore his new home and fenced in yard. His favorite activity is burying tennis balls in the snow and later going around and digging them up. When he’s not playing with his tennis balls outside, he gathers them around his bed in the living room, along with his toys, while he takes an afternoon nap. He loves toys and was so excited when he got a stuffed bear from Mom and Dad.

He also got a new Gentle Leader in the mail, and he’s learning to go for a walk outside with less pulling on the leash. Getting into the car still makes Bear a little nervous, but once in he seems to enjoy the ride. He met his neighbor dog, and they seemed to get along without incident. So many new experiences. He’s certainly starting off on the right track.

At night at first he was afraid of the steps going upstairs to his Mom and Dad’s bedroom, but by the second night he gathered up his courage, climbed the stairs and slept in his new dog bed on the floor next to Mom and Dad. In the morning he greeted Mom and Dad in true Golden fashion – tail wagging in excitement, with a toy in his mouth.

February 18, 2021

Bear has found his new forever home. He is adjusting well to his new family and environment. More to follow.

February 13, 2021:

Bear is a handsome and delightful three-year-old golden who just got overwhelmed with his prior owners 5 other goldens and needed a quieter home where he is the only dog. He is a happy camper and loves his walks and going outside. He chills in the house and is always ready to tug you for a pet and cuddle. His indoor manners are almost perfect and he is learning not to pull on the leash outside. Bear’s low guttural “woof” when he is playing with his toys is endearing and he is pretty good at convincing you to throw him a ball. Two balls in his mouth at the same time is pretty standard for this young man. He loves to be petted, brushed and to get his teeth cleaned and will lay himself down when you clip his nails. The snowball toss with the neighbor’s girls made him happy as did the deep snow.