Dog ID: 14-056

December 18, 2021:

My Sweet Beau ( Lambeau 14-056 ) died suddenly and unexpectedly at home on Oct 12, 2021. I had just brought him home three hours earlier after an elective dental procedure at the UW Vet School. He was only ten years old.

He trotted into my life on November 22, 2014 as a three year old foster in need of bilateral TPLO surgery and he never left. He was a gentle soul who made people smile. He was my constant companion. He had an uncanny knack for knowing when you were upset and you needed him by your side. We were a therapy dog team for a couple of years, making visits to Nursing homes, UW students and the Juvenile Justice Center. I will never forget the look on his face as an elderly gentleman went down the hallway with four tennis balls attached to his walker!

He was a frequent GRRoW ambassador at fundraising events. He particularly loved Boston Store Community Day Coupon Book events with the two hours of constant attention. He was once featured on the Orvis Facebook page after a Christmas wrapping fundraiser.

Beau had had a difficult year, undergoing a rostral mandibulectomy (removal of part of the front of his lower jaw) in April of 2021 because of a rare dental tumor called an Acanthomatous Amelioblastoma that was totally invasive into the bone. The surgery was curative and he had made a full recovery so his sudden death is even more devastating. He then became affectionately know as “drooling Beau” because he had difficulty keeping his saliva in his mouth but he never lost his zest for life!

Rest in peace my sweet boy. I hope you are running through the fields and will find plenty of snow this winter to make your snow angles. Your absence is still profoundly felt by me and all of the neighbors and friends who you delighted with your smile and your “Golden Lean”

Love, Mom