Dog ID: 22-029

August 25, 2022:

Beau has found his forever home.

May 29, 2022:

Beau has made great strides in the weeks we have had him with us. We are working with a trainer and she is great! Beau is learning that he has to sit before he gets anything (treat, pet, outside, play, etc). He is calmer overall and hasn’t had any accidents in the house for a couple of weeks. We are in the process of training him to recognize when he is too excited and to remove himself to a quiet area. His anxiety is still high in new places and seeing new people so that is one of his next big goals. M He loves to play and has a new foster brother named Roko, who is 4 months old. They are having great fun together. He is so sweet and loveable!!!

May 1, 2022:

Beau came to us about a month ago from a previous foster. He was having trouble with a female dog as he was not neutered and hadn’t been socialized. He didn’t have the opportunity to learn how to play properly and when to stop playing when it was time. Beau was neutered a few weeks ago and is doing very well. We have been working with him on how to play with other dogs and people and he is doing great. He is learning the commands: sit, down, leave it, all done, no bite, and off and doing a wonderful job!!! He was started on an anti anxiety medication to help him from being scared. We are working with a trainer to help him achieve his goals!! Starting with games and scheduling in quiet time has been great for him. We are working our way towards a walk away from home soon. He loves massages!!! He is one of the most lovable and sweet dogs. He is doing a wonderful job and we are so lucky to have been chosen to help him move toward healing and to find his forever home.

April 19, 2022:

Beau is a sweet 10 month old that has grown leaps and bounds in the two weeks we have had him. He was nurtured and is recovering very well from surgery. His final check up next Monday. He is very smart and playful. We are working on socialization to help with his mouthing and knowing when to stop playing when the other dog is all done. Beau likes to cuddle and likes to be around people. He will follow you around the house and sleep near you (or under your desk while you work). He is very inquisitive of all things and we joke he is a great supervisor when we are working on something. He is very scared of new people, places and things. He warms up quickly to new people and does great when he can see where the noise is coming from (of course after he has barked at it!!). He will make a wonderful family dog, by himself or with a male dog who also likes to play. He also loves windows that he can look out!!. He does good on a leash but does not like traffic so a quiet neighborhood or farm would be great for his forever home.

March 26, 2022:

Beau has been with us for almost a week and is really settling in. He is a very sweet boy who loves to play and give lots of kisses! Beau is very smart and catches on quickly. He tends to jump when he’s excited and he likes to see what’s on the counter/table when the foster family is eating, so we’re working on the commands “off” and “leave it” which he’s already catching on to. He plays well with the resident golden and he’s learning to listen when she tells him it’s time to take a play break. Beau is shy around new people, but tends to warm up to them quickly. He is easily startled on walks, but we’ve been taking short walks near the house this week and he has already made some progress. Beau doesn’t like when his foster family is out of sight and loves to be petted. With some more training and consistency Beau is going to be a wonderful family dog! He has lots of love to give!

March 21, 2022:

Beau is new in foster care. More information will follow.