Dog ID: 22-023

April 20, 2022:

Hi everyone! It’s Murphy talking to you. I used to be called Blake but my new mom and dad thought I looked more like a Murphy. My mom and dad like to go outside a lot and I do too, so I think we are a perfect match. I have a big safe yard where I have room to run zoomies, chew sticks and chase leaves. I am learning to retrieve a frisbee – for a treat, of course. In the house mom says I should be a search and rescue dog since I have been rescuing lost shoes, gloves and even my stuffed blue monkey toy. I am learning to lie down and roll over – for a treat, of course. I have met some of the neighbor’s goats, chickens and even a cat! I have lots of doggy cousins and I love to chase and play tug with them. My new family and I would like to thank the volunteers at GRROW for helping me find my new forever home!

March 23, 2022:

Blake is very smart. He loves people and gets along well with the resident dogs. We are still working on potty training but her is doing great. He did test positive for giardia and has completed his medication. We are hoping he will test negative. He loves toys and like a typical golden fetching balls is one of his favorite activities.

March 15, 2022:

Meet Blake. He was born on Christmas day so that makes him just 11 weeks old. Like @blakeshelton, he is a handsome, smart boy. He had a quick vet check-up for worms and was negative, but we are watching him closely since some of his litter mates were positive. Currently he is 22 pounds but has a whole lot of growing to do. Blake is a typical golden puppy just learning how life works. Everything is new to him. We are working on getting him potty trained and have had a few accidents but with a consistent routine he should get the hang of things in no time. He does well in his crate overnight and for naps but definitely prefers to be where the action is, but like all puppies, supervision is a must. Chewing with those baby needle teeth is a favorite pass time. He is learning to walk on a leash and is starting to master steps like a champ. There are many other fun firsts ahead for this sweet little guy.