Dog ID: 22-009 | 8 Month old Male | Medium Energy | Good with Dogs & Kids

Medium Energy, Good with Dogs & Kids

May 21, 2022:

Cam (formerly Blaze) has been with his forever family for almost 3 weeks now! He is already responding to his new name. 
Cam has quickly learned the layout of our home, and we often forget that his vision is even impaired. He does still get nervous if something in the home is new or out of place, and he will bark until we reassure him the area is still safe. He does great in car rides and even worked up the courage to jump into the car on his own! 

He is making some progress on basic obedience training and will also be working with an in-home trainer. Mom and dad got him a new bed which he sleeps in next to their bed at night. If he must go potty in the middle of the night, he will let us know by barking or licking our face 🙂 He is still not a fan of the crate, but we are gradually trying to show him it is a safe space for him by feeding him in the crate, giving Kongs etc. 

Since his human dad works from home, Cam is showered with attention, snuggles, and playtime all day every day. He enjoys going on walks around the neighborhood with his fur brother Colby and is getting better at walking on the leash. He loves to run and play in his fenced in backyard. Cam is already very bonded to his brother Colby and relies on him to guide him. 

He is so smart and loves to do enrichment activities focused on scent. He has many toys that he enjoys playing with, but his favorite toy right now is his dark blue ball that was sent with him from his foster home. At times, he will play fetch with himself by tossing the ball into the air, waiting to hear it bounce, and then pouncing to grab it again. 

Thank you GRROW for bringing Cam into our family! He is so loved! 

April 29, 2022

Blaze (now Cam) has found his forever home and is settling in very well. His new family says he is a smart and loving puppy who is having a blast playing with his big brother every day. His human parents love him so much and say he is a wonderful addition to their family!

April 9, 2022:

Blaze was seen by a vet ophthalmologist who determined he is functionally blind. His optic nerve did not develop therefore there is no vision. However, he can distinguish if he is in a light versus a dark room. The good news is that he won’t need surgery and is projected to live a long healthy life with the right home environment! Blaze is a very smart, sweet puppy who doesn’t let his disability keep him from enjoying life. He is hesitant in environments he’s not accustomed to and will bump into things if new situations occur (i.e. groceries, etc.). However, his foster mom says she often forgets about his vision issues until something in his environment changes and he becomes fearful. She said he was quite the “hit” at his recent vet appointment with the ophthalmologist. Both the staff and people in the waiting room fell in love with him. He walked on leash from car to facility well although hesitant but then became a bit overwhelmed and needed to be carried. At home Blaze is learning basic obedience and is LOVING the warmer weather but isn’t fond of getting his feet wiped off before coming inside. He enjoys finding sticks and can run full speed while chasing a resident dog in the yard. Both his foster mom and the vet ophthalmologist feel Blaze will do best in a home with another dog that he can bond to and use to help guide him.

March 13, 2022:

Blaze is very smart and is becoming very familiar with my home and routines. He relies on my other dogs, is never far away from them and seeks their comfort if frightened. Recently he was unsure of a loud thunderstorm but the resident dogs were unfazed so Blaze did well in their calm company. He is potty trained when I am home and goes into his crate when I have to leave. He currently sleeps on my bed with 1-2 other dogs, goes out once overnight and then right back to sleep. He will play hard with my heeler and has all the energy of a 7 month old puppy! Blaze does have bilateral cataracts and will be seeing a vet ophthalmologist in April for treatment options. However, I forget about his vision issues until something in his environment changes and he becomes fearful. One day I moved some furniture in my living room/dining room area to mop the floor and didn’t move it back right away. All the dogs cross through this area to go back to the bedroom at night and but the change of furniture arrangement scared him so much he would not walk past the displaced items. Even after I moved everything back into their familiar places, I had to carry Blaze back to bed that night. I’m thinking that no matter what the final outcome of his vision status, Blaze will do best in a home with another dog.

March 1, 2022:

Blaze was brought in from Kentucky by another rescue. That rescue transferred him to GRRoW so he can get the medical attention he needs. Blaze is a very smart, loving dog who loves being with people, petted and being with other dogs.