Dog ID: 12-013SN

November 23, 2022:

We are sad to tell you Blue, 12-013SN, has gone over the rainbow bridge. She came into GRRoW 10 years ago with ectopic ureters which means her plumbing wasn’t hooked up correctly. While a GRRoW foster dog, she had several surgeries to try to correct the problem that unfortunately weren’t successful. Blue lived a life of wearing a diaper due to her incontinence and was in and out of the vet’s office due to medical issues related to her condition. Blue and her mom were a great fundraising team for GRRoW. They spent many hours selling Boston Store Community Day coupon books to raise money for GRRoW’s foster dogs. Her diaper was coordinated with her mom’s vest. This definitely made her a real traffic stopper. After Community Days ended, Blue didn’t do as many events because as she got older, changing her diaper in public became an ordeal. Blue has graced a month in GRRoW’s calendar many times, and 2023 isn’t any different. What a beautiful English Cream! We miss you Blue!