Dog ID: 22-026R

Adopted December 9, 2022

December 5, 2022:

Bobby spent a long time in foster care to find just the right home. While he may look like a golden, he definitely acts like a shepherd/collie mix and is much more active than our usual goldens. He is one special dog who chose his forever family rather than the other way around. He is well set in his ways, enjoys multiple long walks every day as well as many play times with his tennis ball. He loves other dogs and knows and listens to so many commands. His favorite guardian is a squeaky toy and his favorite place to be is next to his new owners. Bobby said it was worth the wait!

November 4, 2022:

Bobby had another milestone this week when he spent a two day trial overnight with his buddy, Beau. This gave his foster parents some time to spend celebrating their birthdays without
having to rush home because of Bobby’s separation anxiety.  Bobby came home a little apprehensive and followed his foster parents all around the house, but he soon realized how tired he was from two days of play and konked out on the floor.
During this overnight he also realized he could be in the same room as a CAT and was even more surprised to feel how soft it’s fur was when he got close.
This active two year old is slowly, very slowly, adapting to life without the fear of abandonment.

September 6, 2022:

Bobby is so proud of himself as he has been able to be left alone with some soothing music playing for three hours on the rare occasions his family needs to run errands. He said that it is hard waiting for his family to come home but that he knows he gets to play outside with tennis balls once they return. He also has grown to be a great swimmer and loves to jump in the water like he is jumping hurdles. His favorite thing is playing with another younger dog who can match his running speed. Lots of room is needed for this youngster when he is in his zoomie zone. What a gentleman in the house! He knows and shows his good manners when there is company or when he is with his family. Bobby continues to look for his forever home, someone home almost all of the time, with lots of property where he can run and of course, another younger pup to keep him entertained. Kids are fine, dogs are better and cats and chipmunks are fair game!

July 25, 2022:

Hi folks, this is just-turned-two year old Bobby. I am a golden/collie mix. I have been looking for my forever home and want it to be just perfect. It must be rural and I need lots of room to run and play and chase critters. I stay within my yard and am good with recall. I love having a brother or sister to play with and am only happy when I am exhausted from activity. Running in fields, playing with another dog, or having someone throw me a ball over and over again are my favorite ways to spend a day. In the house, I am a perfect gentleman and settle down quickly. I don’t like to be left alone much so someone who is home all day is necessary. It takes me a while to trust that you will be coming back and won’t leave me. I love swimming and enjoy boat riding, but walking, not so much. If you think I would choose you to be my forever home, let us know.

July 9, 2022:

Bobby just celebrated his 2nd birthday with fireworks and friends at the lake.  Bobby is having the time of his life splitting days at the lake swimming and boating and playing with two other goldens or at home on 6 acres guarding the property from chipmunks, squirrels and rabbits.  A good day is playing with a buddy and chasing each other around the yard and sharing toys.  When his buddy isn’t around it takes repetitive “chuck it” activities to keep him entertained and exhausted.  In the house, he continues to be the perfect gentleman and knows all the rules about furniture, beds, and quiet time.  We continue to work on his anxiety when he is left alone and we are up to 3 hours now…he does much better when he has a confident buddy!    He is also much better when we ride through a town and he sees people on the street…down to some pacing from what used to be high anxiety.  Bobby would do fine with older children who can quickly move out of the way of dogs running at record speeds but would not do well with cats.  He is ready for his forever home, one with lots of activity and another buddy who enjoys playing.

May 1, 2022:

Bobby is back with his foster home and is looking for his special family.  For the last week he has had another younger foster to play with and they are non-stop action.  It is so much fun watching them run, chase and play with balls.  In the house, Bobbycontinues to excel and sleeps through the night where he wants and doesn’t wake up until his humans are ready to go.  He loves his morning run and anytime he gets squirmy playing “chuck it” for a few minutes will settle him down.  Our work on his anxiety of driving through town as well as being left alone will have to wait for a week or two until our other foster finds his forever home.  Bobby has been the perfect host and has modeled excellent behavior for our new foster.

April 13, 2022:

Bobby continues to do outstanding in the house and during is daily routine. He only needs to be told something once and he remembers it. He listens oh so well and his recall of commands is amazing. Bobby loves to play ball and to have another young, energetic pup to play with during the day. Bobby has a fear of being restrained so he does well when he can play and roam within large fenced acreage. He continues to demonstrate a fear of being left alone or riding in the car in the city when he can see individuals on the street. He does well riding on highways and going long distances. He loves kids but loves balls and other dogs better, has played with numerous other dogs, and seems curious but ignores the cats at the vet’s office. This is one young pup who we wish we had some idea of his prior life and what made him fearful and anxious.