Dog ID: 22-004

December 30, 2022:
What a joy it has been to have Bogey join my family this year. He has been such a light in my life and keeps me busy! He has fully adjusted to being the dog of the house and gets so much attention. We completed another fun training class that Bogey was SO excited to attend every week (many wiggles and excited whines). He has been a great travel companion and has made many friends in the last few months. Additionally, we found out that he loves to swim after a ball. He enjoyed being on the boat with us and feeling the wind in his ears. I could not have dreamed of loving a dog as much as I love Bogey. We are looking forward to many new adventures in 2023.

May 3, 2022:
Bogey has adjusted very well to his new home. He gets so excited to meet new people and new pups. Our mornings are filled with a bunch of belly rubs and stretching before our walk. One of his favorite activities is playing fetch at the dog park and showing off how fast he is. He would chase after a tennis ball for hours if he could. Every week we go to training class where Bogey gets to meet new dogs and practice different skills. He seems to be a favorite of the instructors and loves when he gets attention from them. Bogey went to the groomers last week for a full haircut and they said he was very good the entire time with smiles throughout the entire process. 
Bogey has been such a good boy and I am so happy to have him as a part of my family!

March 20, 2022:

Bogey celebrated the first day of spring with an adoption! We can’t wait to hear about his adventures in his new home

March 1, 2022:

Bogey has made great progress in his foster home and with his training, and is ready for adoption! This sweet boy is dreaming of adventures and love, maybe a teenager or two, and possibly a mellow canine sibling to call his own!

February 15, 2022:

Bogey recently accompanied his foster family in a visit to their cabin in northern Wisconsin. He loved diving and playing in the deep snow; the deep cold–not so much! Bogey also enjoyed a cross-country ski outing with his foster mom. He may not be quite big enough to tackle skijoring but Bogey does love to learn new things and new ways to play. He might be a great candidate for agility training! Bogey is also loving fetch with a tennis ball. He is fast! And comes back with the ball, so happy, and drops it for us to throw again

Bogey adores people and meeting new people, going new places. He has been on a few outings with his foster family– a brief visit to meet the groomer when his foster brother was in for a pedicure. He was wildly happy, jumping around to meet the groomer. He settled and they took him back and groomed his paws as well! He didn’t have much hair or real long nails but it was a great test. He was a rock star according to the groomer. Bogey has also visited local pet stores, met folks outside for walks, etc. and he is always so excited and happy. I expect he will really enjoy dog parks.

Bogey is doing well with his deference training. This simple training practice will be his part of his daily lifestyle but it is not difficult and his adoptive family will be given instructions in order to maintain consistency.

January 29, 2022:

In the past two weeks Bogey has really relaxed and adjusted to the routines in his foster home. He still loves his daily walks and playing with his canine foster brother and has done well meeting and playing with other dogs. Bogey is walking much better on leash with less stopping and starting and less pulling. He will be a great walking companion for someone! The fresh snow has also given him lots of entertainment; Bogey enjoys diving into the snow headfirst and rolling and playing in it!

Bogey and his foster family are working with a behavioral specialist to refine some control issues and give him a good foundation for success in his adoptive home. He is learning to defer to his humans and control impulsive, and sometimes inappropriate, behaviors. He is a very smart boy and learns quickly, happy to please and succeed.

January 15, 2021:

Bogey has been settling into his foster home nicely this week. He spends time hanging out in his foster mom’s office during the workday and is often curled up under the desk; he greets the teens excitedly each time they arrive home and helps his foster fur-brother wake them in the morning with lots of love. Bogey can often be found at the patio door, surveying the yard for any squirrel who might invade and need to be chased off with a bark; he loves to roll in the snow and explore and chase in the backyard with his Goldador foster fur brother! Bogey is very playful and loves his daily walks. Once into his harness and out the door his tail and bum are just shaking with excitement and anticipation. Bogey is a very entertaining fellow!

We are working with Bogey on some resource guarding. He is a very smart boy and takes direction well. Routine and structure will be important lifestyle components for this guy! Currently, Bogey and the resident dog are fed in a separate rooms and supervised closely with their toys and rewards.

Bogey saw the veterinarian for a wellness check and charmed everyone in the office. He does have some allergies, and is a bit anxious at times, but otherwise appears to be a healthy young Goldendoodle. Although, like many of us this time of year, he carries a little extra padding.

January 11, 2022:

Welcome to Bogey, who arrived at his foster home today. Updates will follow as we get to know this cute guy!