Dog ID: 22-054

October 28, 2022:

Bowie’s mom says he’s one happy puppy and has made himself completely at home. He has two speeds, sleeping with his head in her lap and running his zoomies in the yard, in the living room or wherever he happens to be. He absolutely loves digging in the toy box. Once he has a toy his golden sister will promptly take it away just to dangle it front of him for a game of chase. Bowie wags his entire butt when it’s time for a walk and walks wonderful on a leash – maybe because he gets lots of treats to not pull and to ignore squirrels.

Adoption Date: October 17, 2022

September 12, 2022:

Bowie‘s foster mom says that “our little man Bowie is quite the hit with the ladies! Who wouldn’t fall in love with that cute little face and black nose. He is crate and potty trained. Bowie knows how to sit for treats and meals. He really likes hanging out in the backyard and playing with the resident 19-month-old golden. Bowie is not particular about his toys, anything in the toy box is fair game and ends up in the living room. He also likes to play with the cat when the cat is in the mood. Oh, did I mention that he absolutely loves to cuddle?”

August 22, 2022:

Meet Bowie who just met his foster mom on Saturday. More information to follow on this sweet puppy.