Brooksy (was Brody)

Dog ID: 22-118

January 28, 2023:

Brooksy(Formerly Brody) has become a wonderful addition to our family. He loves his 9 year old Golden sister Goldy. I think Goldy thought the first few days with Brooksy was just another dog sitting stint as we dog sit often for friends. However, after a week, she has figured out he is here to stay. Goldy is a great role model for Brooksy and has lots of patience for him. Brooksy loves walks, playing with toys, car rides and snuggles. He is curious about the things around him and loves to Facetime with his human brother and sister. He will tilt his head as they say his name. Brooksy is still working on potty training but he is quickly learning basic commands(such as sit and stay) so I know he will catch on very quickly. He has already made gains in potty training so it won’t be long and he will get it down pat.

Brooksy has some big paws so as he grows it will be fun to keep track of his growth on our family growth chart. We think he will be a big boy! We are looking forward to lots of adventures with Brooksy for many, many years!

January 22, 2023:

Brooksy, (formerly Brody) has found his perfect family, including a Golden sister to help teach him everything a puppy needs to know! We look forward to hearing about his adventures.

Adopted January 20, 2023

January 6, 2023:

Brody has only been at his foster home a week, but he sure has settled in. He’s a super sweet, snuggly 16 weeks old puppy still learning a lot about the world! Potty training is at the top of the list and he’s starting to get the hang of it. Crate training has helped and he does well sleeping and chilling in his “den” (if he can see his foster mom). He’s teething so we have lots of toys he can chew. He does well with the resident Golden, is trying to figure out why the cats don’t understand puppy language and has mastered the stairs. We’re trying to fit in as much puppy socialization as we can— today we learned about garbage cans, garbage trucks, and puddles. He noticed some New Year’s fireworks and emergency sirens in the distance and looked over a bit timidly, but he got lots of reassurance that those sounds are okay. Brody had a big day Monday when he visited the vet’s office. Besides a common intestinal parasite and ear infection, the vet said he was a healthy puppy! He’s taking his medicines like a champ. He is excited to find his forever family and show them all the puppy love he can.

December 28,  2022:

Brody recently arrived at his foster home and is settling in. He mastered the steps from deck to the backyard the first day, but the flight of stairs to the second floor of the house still looks like Mt. Everest to Brody! Stayed tuned for updates.