Dog ID: 22-116 | 11.5 Year old Male | Low-Medium Energy | Good with Cats, most Dogs, & most Kids Medical Notes: Hip dysplasia & Overweight

Low-Medium Energy, Good with Cats, most Dogs, & most Kids

January 6, 2023:

Buster is a fantastic doggie who doesn’t show his age one bit! The first couple of days he didn’t want to leave my side but was very, very loving. He is starting to learn to go potty outside, to take treats gently, and is already great at playing. Other than a few growls there have been no issues with my other dog. Buster loves to go for walks. He’s still working on not pulling but is doing a great job of following the lead of my other rescue and will stop and wait nicely when I pick up poop or to wait for the other family members to catch up. He loves to be outside but hasn’t run after bunnies or birds so he’s a very nice community member. All this guy wants is to be loved. He just wants to make you happy and to know he is safe. He would be a wonderful reason to get out and take walks, if like me you need a reason.