Dog ID: 22-015

June 13, 2022:

Butler’s new owner has to pinch herself daily to realize this is not a dream. She feels so blessed to have Butler in her home and living out his life with her. He is so mellow and goes with the flow, whatever that may be. Butler always has a smile on his face and the adoration in his eyes just melts your heart. Currently he is the king of his castle, but respectful of his surroundings. Butler just LOVES hanging out with his humans. He’s a very happy boy, and handsome, too!

June 5, 2022:

Butler has found his forever home! His new family is very much in love with this very good boy. Happy trails buddy! Drop us a line once you get settled.

May 24, 2022

Butler continues to fit right in to his new surroundings. He loves his humans, without preferring one over the other (male or female), and loves going for a walk every morning & then every afternoon. Sometimes, as we prepare to go out (shoes on, coat on) he barks to tell us to hurry up. Butler is a very affectionate boy and gives kisses to let us know. He is very obedient & tries to please everyone, including his golden foster sisters. He likes to play ball or frisbee, but after a few minutes he’s ready to just chill and enjoy his surroundings.

He does not guard his food or his toys, and tries to engage the girls into playing with him, but this is only baby steps so far. Their play patterns are different and they are all still working to figure it out.
Everyone has a sleeping corner in our bedroom and so far there are no arguments.
Butler is a great dog with adoration in his eyes when he looks at us. He will be a wonderful fur baby addition to a loving home as he is a very loving boy.

(And we will miss him!)

May 16, 2022:

Butler is a sweet, smart, gentle golden/springer mix. You would not know that he has any springer in him though. He loves going outside and gets pretty excited when we get his leash. He has a very calm demeanor and is already starting to walk nice on a leash. More to come.