September 7, 2022:

I remember the day I met Cane. He was three years old and my first foster. The intent was to place him in his forever home in a few weeks. When I saw him smile, those plans changed and I knew he had found his forever home. The adoption was finalized on St. Pat’s Day, 2010 and that’s when we celebrated his birthday.

Cane was a gentle soul and loved and brought joy to everyone he met. With a little work, he achieved Canine Good Citizenship in 2012 and went on to become a registered Therapy Dog in 2015. He went to countless GRRoW Meet and Greets, numerous home visits and several Celtic Canine events at the Highland Games.

In 2014, Cane was diagnosed with, “high grade lymphoma.” Treatment was started immediately. He lived an almost unheard of eight years after a cancer diagnosis. So, there is always hope, never give up. He was truly my little miracle pup and each day was a blessing.

After his bout with cancer, we became active with Bark For Life, raising funds for canine and human cancer research. At one such event in Mukwonago, he was given a special award and got to lead the parade around the park. He always thought a walk was a race.