Dog ID: 21-055

November 14, 2021:

Well, we did it again and Cece (formerly Cersei – left) is here to stay! I promise we didn’t plan on foster failing but after a couple weeks, these two became inseparable! Cece and Pacha are by each other’s side all day every day and play together nonstop! She has such a sweet and loving personality, loves to cuddle, loves to play, and loves everyone she meets! The longer she stayed with us, the harder it was to think about saying goodbye so we just decided not to. Maybe we aren’t very good at fostering but there’s definitely worse things to fail at! Happy gotcha day, Cece!

November 12, 2021:

Cersei didn’t have to spend very long in her foster home before she was ready to be adopted. This young girl enjoys her canine brother and can’t get enough play time. She quickly learned the sights and sounds in her new home and loves the fenced in yard.

October 18,2021:

Cersei did well during her transport and has settled in well at her foster home. She is exploring the fenced in yard and watching the resident golden. After some observation time she will get to play with her new friend. Learning new things and smelling new smells is always so exciting.