Dog ID: 22-131

January 17, 2023:

Charlie has been an example of love from the start.

We pick up Charlie and bring her home to our house. Within one week Charlie blossoms from a quiet little fur baby to a fully functioning sweetheart that she is… a big part of that coming from the influence of her big brother Reggie.

By the way, a little over two years ago a GRRoW rescue named Reggie came to us timid and scared and unsure of the future, only to have his big brother… Piper (another former GRRoW dog) show him how welcomed he was into our home and family.

Piper passed last year and we realized it was time for Reggie to have a mate now.
Really heartwarming to see a recipient of the love and kindness be able to return that gesture in him being the big brother to Charlie.

Guess GRRoW was right when they say that golden projects often take a village.
And yes, this village of love will always be in our hearts. Can’t begin to thank all the people for all their kind hearted acts of love on behalf of Charlie and us.
Bless you all.
Thank you

Adopted 1/11/2023

January 7, 2023:

We got home mid afternoon yesterday and started her in our routine. After introducing her to her new surroundings, Charlie deemed them tail-wag-worthy and we took her for her first walk with our new family. It was cool watching her transform from a puppy caring mom to a cool little girl that can enjoy the surroundings without having to worry whom gets fed next. She dutifully went up to a couple of the neighbor/friends that were out taking care of the snow. She greeting them with a wagging tail and her heart melting smile and needless to say, she is a golden that is beautiful inside as she is out. Yes, we did have our moments, introducing a new home to go into… and up and down steps… but her big brother Reggie led the way and Charlie was happy to follow. Charlie drank a little bit of water but still wouldn’t eat… yup… still nervous, but that’s ok. Bedtime and lights off… but I stayed up a bit to help ease the gap. Charlie is totally at ease as I slipped away and went to bed. 4 am was awakening by a happy sound… Charlie was really enjoying some water and felt a lot of relief in knowing she is starting to calm down. Took her outside and she showed me she could match any one of our past golden guys… with a 2 minute pee break. Brought her inside, and she devoured a milk bone treat for her reward. Got her settled and resumed my body massage on her. Yup, got her calmed down and out. Wow, feeling blessed.