Chu Chu

Dog ID: 22-064

September 22, 2022:

Chu Chu is such a sweet girl. She is fitting right in at her forever home. She loves a great combination of quiet time and activity.

We go on a lot of walks around town. The morning walk is the most intense as we typically go for over 3 miles. On this walk she knows where the fun stops are with folks hanging out on the main drag with treats for the dogs that come to visit. She also enjoys several additional shorter walks throughout the day and evening. We also explore a lot of different routes.

Chu Chu loves meeting and playing with the many other dogs in the neighborhood and that we encounter on our walks. She approaches all with a little caution, but then loves the attention from other people and kids.

Chu Chu loves to play fetch and does pretty well (just need to work a little more on letting go). She has also been at a lake up north a couple of times and has discovered a big love for swimming. This is her favorite place to play fetch with a tennis ball.

Chu Chu has become a great daily companion for her recently retired human dad.
Adopted 9/20/2022


August 31, 2022:

Chu Chu arrived in foster care. She is adapting very well to her new home. She loves her toys but follows her foster person all around the house. Chu Chu has had several walks around town. She enjoys playing fetch with a chuck-it disc. According to her foster family, “She is such a sweetheart!” Stay tuned for more as we continue to learn about this beauty.