Dog ID: 22-125

March 13, 2023:

On December 28th, 2022 you came into my home, scared and nervous, your world had been turned upside down, and now we fast forward to March 5th, 2023 where you are full of adventure and ready for any sort of trouble that comes your way. I can’t wait to show you the world and have the rest of the world fall in love with you just as I did.

Adopted: March 9, 2023

February 23, 2023:

Claire is learning so much since she arrived in December. She is paper trained so if someone needs to leave her for hours she will potty on the paper. Claire also knows the words “outside potty” that is her cue that she needs to go outside. We have very few accidents in house and those are basically because her aim sometimes isnt the best when trying to go on the paper. She will go outside one time during the night around midnight or 1:00am. Claire has never been in a kennel, she is very good left in the house to roam free. We are working on her leash training; it’s a work in progress. She has gotten out to my front yard but never ran and has come when called.

December 31, 2022:

Claire is a very sweet puppy,  her color is a deeper golden. She would prefer the company of a person over playing with another puppy. She is not very adventurous; this she leaves to her sister. Claire will follow you or her sister, but she is not one to venture out on her own. Claire is a very quiet puppy no whining or barking. She just accepts that this is her life, and she is ok with it. She sleeps through the night, and I have noticed she will try to go potty on the pee pads. She is a very active puppy but only if someone else is doing something and she needs to see what is going on. Claire loves to be outside but prefers to lay in the doorway looking outside to see what is going on. Claire loves to cuddle and have her tummy rubbed; she will stretch as long as she can to get every inch of her tummy rubbed. Claire is a low energy dog that loves her people.