Dog ID: 22-093

January 18, 2023:

Cleo has become one of the family and her big brother adores her. She is sweet, lovable but also feisty. Playing ball, zoomies, car rides and going for walks are some of her favorite things. Cleo is a “failed foster” and her adoption was unplanned; I couldn’t resist, it was love at first sight!

Adopted January 7, 2023

December 27, 2022:

Cleo has blossomed, and is a great little puppy. She is happy and likes to play with her sibling and foster brother. Lots of things interest her, but blowing leaves on the snow and just digging in the snow makes her happy. She is doing pretty well with her potty training, and will walk on a leash (or carry it in her mouth and walk herself)! She also is content with the crate. She sleeps in the crate all night and will go into it during the day to play or take a nap. She is interested in things, but at heart a little leery, until someone else checks it out first!
She will cuddle with you and sleep in your lap. She is a wonderful little pup and will make some family very happy. She has a lot of love to give.

December 3, 2022:

Cleo has settled in to her new foster home. She was sad and lonely after being separated from her other 8 brothers and sisters, but gets lots of love from her foster mom. Her foster brother has been very patient and gentle with her. When outside he shares his sticks and balls. Cleo’s favorite activity is to walk the trails and look for pine cones and sticks. By the time we get back from our walk, she is ready for a nap. Potty training is going pretty well, a few accidents, but overall happy with progress. Crating is a challenge as she does not want to be restricted. She voices her objections at first, but will settle down. She does go in and out for toys, etc. so we will continue to work with her so she accepts crating. She is a sweet and a happy-go-lucky girl.