Dog ID: 15-016| 7 Year old Male|

June 1, 2022:

(It is with great sadness we learn of Clifford’s passing. Clifford is featured on our GRRoW Puzzle along with his sister Mollie.)

After over a year on the waiting list, we were thrilled to adopt Clifford (formerly “Tucker” which we kept as his middle name) when he was 8 months old. He was welcomed into our home as the youngest of 4 kids. Clifford was not only another child to us but also a best friend. The kind that followed you everywhere, was always there to listen & loved you no matter what. He enjoyed daily walks (he would proudly carry his leash in his mouth) and frequent trips to the dog park where he would greet other dogs with a growl (we always joked he was trying to change the image of the Golden Retriever from a friendly family dog to a “tough guy” dog – even though in reality he was the sweetest boy ever). He slept in our bed every night and took up as much space as needed. He usually preferred the bottom corner but some nights he would get to bed before me and I would find him in my spot, fast asleep, with his head on my pillow. On those nights, I slept on the floor. He also had a favorite spot on the couch. If someone was in it, they were kindly asked to move so Cliff could have his spot. He was known to throw dog tantrums which included stomping his feet. Sometimes he wanted a treat and other times he just wanted a hug. He loved trips to grandma’s house for swimming and extra treats and enjoyed being read to by the kids at night time. He liked interjecting himself into soccer games with the kids (his favorite position was goalie) and he loved dancing with his mom. There was always someone cuddling, playing with or talking to Clifford. He was everything to us. He even enjoyed a road trip to our favorite vacation spot in Vail, Colorado. On May 26, 2021, when Clifford was only 6 years old, we were devastated when doctors discovered a tumor on his heart and he was diagnosed with Hemangiosarcoma, a fast-moving, aggressive cancer. We drove him to UW Madison Veterinary Hospital for 5 radiation treatments, one every day for a week, followed by 5 weekly treatments of Chemotherapy. On follow up scans, doctor’s reported Clifford’s tumor had disappeared. Even his Oncologist was surprised. Clifford went back to spending time doing all his favorite things: walks, dog parks, playing with his younger dog sister Mollie, his best dog friend Simba, swimming at Grandma’s and snuggling with family. In early May 2022, almost a year after his diagnosis and shortly after he had clean scans, Clifford became sick and new scans confirmed our worst fear: his cancer had returned suddenly and aggressively. This time, there was nothing doctors could do for him since it had metastasized into his abdomen. He spent his final days cuddling with family, eating Chick Fil A nuggets and McDonald’s cheeseburgers, and going to grandma’s for extra hugs and treats. On May 13, 2022, we said a very painful goodbye to Clifford at the young age of 7. Our hearts are broken as we cannot imagine life without him, but we know he is at peace and no longer suffering. We miss him tremendously every day. His dog sister Mollie still looks for him around the house. Although we didn’t get to love and spoil him for nearly long enough, we are so grateful for the unrivaled joy and unconditional love that he brought to our family, and we are holding tight to all of our incredible memories of our sweet boy. “If there ever comes a day when we can’t be together, keep me in your heart, I’ll stay there forever” Your loving and devoted Family.