Volunteer Code of Conduct Agreement

We, the volunteers of Golden Retriever Rescue of Wisconsin (GRRoW), in order to better conduct ourselves in ways that consistently benefit our dogs, our organization, the adopting public, and the community at large, pledge ourselves the following code: The integrity of the group being dependent on the individual integrity of each member.

As far as possible, we will keep our commitments and if we find ourselves unable to do so we will promptly communicate that to all concerned. Recognizing that we are a group of individuals who vary emotionally and temperamentally.

We will conduct ourselves in such a manner as to not have reflection of anything negative toward the group or any member of the group. We will demonstrate our respect for the rights and feelings of all of the volunteers by protecting their privacy, by giving them the benefit of the doubt, and by exercising courtesy and restraint when communicating our displeasure with their actions. We will support through our actions and words, the leadership, the by-laws, policies and procedures, and operational structure of GRRoW.

When we disapprove of the acts of other volunteers, we will use established methods to lodge complaints. When we want policies or the structure itself to change, we will communicate through committees, coordinators and the Board of Directors. We will conduct ourselves in a courteous, dignified manner during all GRRoW events. We will work together and cooperate with each other in a professional manner, with our common goal of improving the welfare of the Golden Retriever breed.

Not everyone will have exactly the same interpretation of every situation. In recognition of differences that exist, it is essential that all GRRoW volunteers represent a cohesive and united front. It is vital therefore, that all differences be settled internally. Any spoken or implied criticism of each other only serves to adversely affect not only GRRoW but all rescues. We will carry out our duties in accordance with this Code of Conduct and in line with GRRoW’s mission statement. The above Code of Conduct applies to all Volunteers of GRRoW. Each person is responsible to abide by and enforce the code of conduct. Any infraction of the code of conduct needs to be brought immediately to the violator’s attention as well as to the appropriate coordinator and the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors will decide the appropriate action. GRRoW does not condone any breach of integrity by unlawful means and will remove any volunteer(s) acting in this capacity.