Dog ID: 22-065 | 12 Year old Male | Low Energy | Good with Dogs

Low Energy, Good with Dogs

September 6, 2022:

Well, it is one week now since Cooper arrived at his new foster home. If you don’t know him yet, just take a peek at the photos below. He is a 12 year-old Golden with a shiny red coat, a handsome white face and lovely brown eyes. He loves everyone, and that includes the mailman and neighbors, and their dogs too. He hasn’t met the cat yet, but chased a squirrel along the side of the fence.

He follows his foster mom everywhere for pets, treats and belly-rubs, and he pants and bumps her elbow when he wants to go outside. Smart fellow he is! Taught well by his former SO. He likes short walks and chases a ball in the back yard…when it’s not raining, of course.

Stay tuned for future updates in the life of Cooper!