Dog ID: 22-082 | 6 Year, 9 Month-old Male | Medium-high Energy | Good with Kids

Medium-high Energy, Good with Kids

November 4, 2022:

Cooper is a happy, loving, exuberant boy! He follows me everywhere! He has a zest for life and is like a big, wooly puppy that is curious about everything!

Cooper really, really loves his walks, but are brief due to an injury to his front paw; he must wear a cone until it heals. He is a big, very strong boy; walks brisk, but adjusts with tension. A front hook harness gives more control. When we see a dog or squirrel, his ears perk up and I ask him to “leave it” before he is tempted to pull.

There are times Cooper gets over excited…especially around meal times or going for a walk. He does not jump up, but he is a big dog and when worked up, can get wild with his head and butt; that cone becomes quite the weapon. He is learning to calm down so I can hook his leash.

He loves his Kong filled with treats, enjoys being brushed and will let me handle his paws, ears, mouth and eyes. He is calm most of the day and enjoys lying by my feet. He sleeps well through the night!

It’s best that he not be in the kitchen during meals or food preparation. He is very food focused and can reach the counter. He gets pushy for food. He has learned that he must sit, stay and not go for his bowl until I say “ok”. Now he sits (and stays) before I even tell him. We are working on taking treats gently.

I have had the pleasure of hosting Cooper for one week as a temporary foster. Cooper is a good boy, but needs to learn some manners. I already think we have made some progress.