Dog ID: 22-073

January 2, 2023:

Hey Darby here!
I’m loving my forever home! My sister Piper is showing me the ropes. I’m no longer afraid of fans and certain other things and gaining confidence everyday. I love chasing balls and meeting new friends. I love going on walks and am no longer afraid of cars.
I have a brother and sister cat, Pickles and Cami. They welcomed me into my forever home also! I am so happy here. Thank you for my forever home!

We are absolutely in love with her and she fits in so well with our fur family. Thank you for what you do and god bless!

Darby’s new parents

December 4, 2022:

Sweet Darby has joined her forever family! Watch for updates on this pretty girl.

Adopted December 3, 2022

November 8, 2022:

Hi everyone! It’s Darby again. I am still doing great in my foster home. It has taken a bit of time for me to come out of my shell and show my personality, but look out world! Darby is here! When I get excited or my foster sisters ask me to play, my tail wags so fast that my mom thinks I’m going to takeoff like an airplane. My foster mom and dad love to see me so happy and often laugh right out loud at my antics. I am fun and love to play, but still am doing a great job at minding my manners.
I was able to have my spay done sooner than we thought and I’m so glad that is over with! My foster mom and dad said I handled the whole thing like a complete rockstar. I am all healed up now and doing great. You’ll see in my photos that I’m wearing a suit called a Suitical to keep me from touching my belly. It worked perfectly and I actually loved wearing it – isn’t it super cute?
We are still spending time doing activities to build up my confidence. We went to a place where there were toys and treats as far as you could see. There were also hamsters and guinea pigs. I couldn’t believe it! My foster mom and dad said I could pick out whatever I wanted. So many choices! And then to top it off, we went through a thing they called a “drive-thru” and I got an ice cream treat for the first time! My fear of strange sounds is getting better every day. I still hate thunderstorms and would love to know why we are still having them in November.
Well, I have to run. Literally. Going for a jog with my dad. See ya!

October 21, 2022:

Hi everyone! It’s me, Darby! All of you Facebook friends sure know how to make a girl feel special. My foster mom read all 146 of your comments to me. And more than 500 ”likes”! Wow! I’ve been very busy learning and trying lots of new things. I went to the doctor last week and found out that I am a healthy girl! I weighed 51 pounds and the doctor said that is a perfect weight for me. I am all done having puppies and so I’m going to have a surgery soon they call a spay. I am learning the routine around here like a superstar. At about 4:30 PM I start sitting close to my foster dad because I know it’s time to go outside and play ball. I love fetching the ball! And boy, can I run fast! I am really playing well with my foster sisters and my new friend who lives next-door, a black goldendoodle who is my same speed. At about 10 PM, I head for bed and I am always the first one there to claim my spot. Remember how much I love beds? My foster mom and dad were sad to see that I am really afraid of some sounds. I particularly dislike lawnmowers, leaf blowers and especially thunder. They put me in a thing called a Thundershirt, play music and try to distract me. We did get some medicine at the doctor to help me with thunderstorms. Well, it’s time for me to go. My mom just put all of my West Paw toys back in the basket, so you know what that means. Until next time!

October 2, 2022:

Hi everyone, it’s Darby! I am a 5-year-old retired breeding dog. I am a petite girl with a soft flat coat. My foster mom says I’m very friendly, polite, and mild. I don’t jump, chew anything I’m not supposed to, or counter surf. Actually, I really have been a perfect girl since I arrived a week ago. I like people and other dogs and am always up for a game of fetch in the yard with my two golden foster sisters. Would you believe this house has a giant box of toys that I can play with whenever I want to? My favorite pastime is piling them up on my bed. Did I mention that I LOVE my bed? I love being comfortable and when I go to bed, I sleep all night long. I’m learning my name and some basic commands. My foster sisters are helping me build my confidence and even after a week, it’s already getting better. I’m heading to the doctor this week for a checkup, and I’ll have to be spayed soon. Check out my pictures! Everyone tells me that I am so pretty!

September 26, 2022:

Darby arrived at her foster home yesterday and is settling in. We look forward to getting to know this petite, pretty girl.