Dog ID: 21-030

August 6, 2021:

Here’s and update from DeeDee. I’m the Golden Retriever on the right in this picture. My sister Zena is sitting next to me. We recently moved to a new home in NE Wisconsin. Zena was a bit nervous, but I was really excited. When we arrived, our new Mom and Dad warmly welcomed us. As we looked out the back door, there it was… a large pond and huge fenced-in back yard! This looks like doggie heaven. Oh, how fun it will be to explore! After a week, Zena doesn’t seem nervous any more. Mom and Dad pet us a lot and tell us we are “good girls”. We got to meet other family members and neighbors, and of course everyone thinks we are beautiful! While Zena has been out for walks in the neighborhood, I’m still practicing my leash skills in the yard. I just get so excited! We love to watch bunnies, squirrels, turkeys and even deer in our yard. I know we will have lots of fun in our new furever home. We want to thank GRRoW for finding us a perfect family to love us. Woof! Woof!

July 26, 2021:

Together with her sister, Zena, DeeDee has found her forever home.

July 12, 2021:

Dee Dee and Zena are so fluffy and pretty! They were very well behaved at the groomer, and we treated them to ice cubes and massages for being such good girls.

This past week they seemed barely to notice the fireworks, and were more interested in the watermelon we shared (without seeds!). During the hot weather they were content to stay inside most of the time. But in the cooler temps they have enjoyed lounging in the backyard on tie-outs, keeping watch over the busy neighborhood and staring down the squirrels. They would definitely enjoy a fenced yard to run and play in! This week is their wellness visit at the vet. If all goes well, they will be ready to find their forever home!

June 28, 2021:

Zena and DeeDee are doing well! They are beautiful, happy dogs and their personalities are really starting to emerge. Both are walking with a harness now and it’s much easier. They still want to chase the squirrels and rabbits, and enthusiastically meet the neighbors, so we are working on their manners and self-control in those situations. We’ve also started feeding DeeDee with a puzzle bowl, which slows her down considerably so she’s not gulping her food.

DeeDee is not as “alpha” as we first thought. The girls really are fairly matched and take turns being the boss. Foster Dad nicknamed Zena the “honor student” because she is so smart and well-behaved. She sits calmly while getting the leash or harness on to go outside and waits patiently for her food. She doesn’t get into anything she shouldn’t. And when she plays tug with DeeDee, we’ve noticed how Zena moves her mouth strategically on the toy, leaving DeeDee with nothing to grab onto. Smart cookie! This past week she showed us how prettily she can sit up (begging pose) – often with a toy in her mouth, asking for us to keep playing. Who can resist?! DeeDee is just as smart but mischievous. She will steal a towel or an item of clothing (including clean laundry folded on the bed) and prance around with it, waiting to be chased. Any food sounds will have her drop the item and come running, so it’s really not been a problem. We’re just keeping doors closed more often to limit her opportunities. She is a lovebug, just like Zena, so we reward her good behavior with lots of back scratches.

Neither of the girls is overly vocal. DeeDee will “talk” to us occasionally and usually, it means she needs to go out. But sometimes she just needs a comforting pat. Zena will bark at people and dogs outside, but rarely when looking out the window at passers-by. Both sleep through the night and for several hours during the day. They are typical golden shadows – wanting to be with their people – but so far haven’t shown a strong preference for any one member of the family. So far they are not startled by any loud noises and don’t seem bothered by fireworks from inside the house. Zena’s had no other accidents, and we think that was probably just her anxiety in the new situation. This week’s adventure will be a trip to the groomer for haircuts. Both girls have beautiful soft silky hair – and they love being brushed – but there’s lots of it!

June 13, 2021:

DeeDee (black nose, almost 6) and Zena (red nose, 5 ½) are a bonded pair of purebred English Cream goldens, and must be adopted together. They have been in our home for about a week and are very sweet, friendly, playful, and strong. They appear to be in very good health, and will have a check-up in the next couple of weeks. They enjoy ice cubes, brushing, and lots of back scratches. They do not enjoy car rides (so far). They were allowed on furniture previously but we are not encouraging that in case their forever family chooses not to allow it. They seem perfectly content to sleep on the floor or on their beds in our room at night. They occasionally wrestle or play tug with a toy, but never for more than 10-15 minutes at a time. We’ve had fun playing “tag” and “chase” in the house, and I think they would greatly enjoy a fenced yard. They easily nap 3-4 hours at a time during our work day and let us know when they need to go outside.

DeeDee is the alpha dog, more confident and slightly independent. She pulls the hardest on leash and will sit down if she doesn’t want to walk any further or wants to go a different direction. So far she hasn’t barked much at all, and doesn’t seem to care for toys but will occasionally chase a tennis ball. DeeDee’s favorite thing to do is eat! The first night she helped herself to Zena’s dinner after eating her own. She will come running whenever food is being prepped or it sounds like a treat bag is being opened. She will also remove the inner soles from shoes or carry them around, and is reported to eat socks, so we keep the laundry room inaccessible and have done a good job keeping things put away. The two times she stole a shoe this week, she gave them up in exchange for a treat.

Zena is the follower and more likely to be anxious, but she is also a great snuggler and more obedient. She sits automatically for the leash, treats, and upon command. She will bark an alert at people, dogs and bikes passing by, but readily quiets down when we acknowledge her. Zena’s favorite thing is her duck stuffed animal! She is so cute, carrying it around like a teddy bear. She is very playful and has enjoyed exploring the toy basket, but she doesn’t seem interested in tennis balls. She loves playing with anyone, anytime, and is very eager to please. Zena did have a pee accident in the house today, only about 90 minutes after she’d been outside, so we will keep an eye on that. For now, we are enjoying their company and giving them lots of love!

June 8, 2021:

DeeDee is new in foster care. She came in with her sister, Zena. They are a bonded pair and must be placed together. They get a long fine with cats but have never been around other dogs. More information to come as we get to know these girls.