Dog ID: 21-025

July 31, 2021:

Diamond was thrilled to be adopted and is doing well in her adoptive home. She continues to be more self assured and is enjoying her new lease on life.

July 22, 2021:

Diamond is thrilled to be adopted today and to continue to enjoy the wonderful life she has been experiencing.

July 10, 2021:

Diamond has been with us 7 weeks and we have seen some good progress. Diamond’s 3 favorite things are meal time, walks, and our resident dog. Diamond knows when meal time is and will start watching all our movements to make sure she doesn’t miss anything. When the food bowl does comes out she often spin in circles with excitement! Diamond enjoys her walks. Sometimes she walks at a pretty good clip and other times we can be out for a long time and hardly walk anywhere because there are so many things to stop and smell! One thing is for certain, she has no interest in walking without our resident dog along for the walk. Instead, she will sit down and not leave the yard until our resident dog joins her. While on walks, she never pulls but will sit down if she is tired or to let me know I am walking too fast and this is going to be a casual, sniffing walk. She loves being with our resident dog and will follow her anywhere and at nap time they often are napping so they are touching.

Diamond often will growl and bark when we come in the house. Once she realizes it is someone she knows, and there is no reason to be afraid, she does stop. This continues to get better and I think will eventually disappear as she continues to be more comfortable around people. Diamond is starting to approach people on her own to be petted. This is huge progress! She definitely wants this attention but is still very afraid and not 100% comfortable.

June 4, 2021:

Diamond continues to settle in at her foster home. She is still skittish and startles easily, but everyday is getting better. She is a quick learner. Since she has been staying with us, she has learned to walk on a leash and for the most part does very well. She likes to stop and look at cars driving past but is very afraid of barking dogs she can not see. She relieve herself outside while we are on our walks.

Diamond has made friends with our resident dog and they enjoy hanging out together. Diamond is now sleeping on our bedroom floor at night with no issues and we are able to leave her free in the house for short periods of time.

She was recently spayed and is healing well. She will be visiting the vet soon for some dental work.

May 25, 2021:

Diamond is settling into her foster home routine, loves her walks and is getting ready for her vet visit and spay. She is still shy and watching her surroundings.