Dog ID: 21-026

November 12, 2021:

Doreen was adopted after spending several months with her foster home. She is getting to be more confident and certainly loves her canine buddies to keep her company.

September 5, 2021:

Doreen is doing very well. With the nutritious dog food she has been eating her hind leg tail feathers and tail hair has grown in. She has become tennis ball crazy. She has learned to retrieve the tennis ball for you to throw and loves the game. It is also a very good way to tire her out. She still has her safe corner of the room but does come out for treats and balls. She seems to be a bit more timid of men. She gets along well with other dogs. She also is a very good walker if you take her with a confident dog. She only barks when she hears you coming home. She is wonderful in her kennel while her foster mom is away at work. Sleeps through the night and loves to cuddle with her foster sister. She has her spay surgery scheduled for the end of the month.

July 30, 2021:

Doreen has really been learning how to be a dog. She has found tennis balls and just loves them. She will retrieve balls which are thrown to her. She follows her foster sister around everywhere. Her foster sister is also a puppy mill dog so it is so interesting that my shy dog is teaching Doreen how to be a dog. Doreen will now come up to me and take treats out of my hand. We are still working on her being comfortable with being pet. She is perfectly kennel trained and stays in there while I am out of the house, otherwise she will chew things. She sleeps in the bedroom with the rest of the dogs. She just finished up the longest heat cycle in history which was almost 5 weeks. She will be scheduled to be spayed once the vet believes it is safe to do so. Doreen is 3 years old and acts like a puppy. She is very small in size so she looks like a puppy as well.

July 6, 2021:

The last few days have been very eventful for Doreen. She was supposed to go in for spay surgery on June 24 and surprise she went into heat. So surgery was postponed for a while. In the meantime she is learning to be a dog. She has figured out tennis balls and it has become one of her favorite things. She will retrieve the ball after you throw it and normally return. We are still working on that. She also is starting to solicit attention from people. She still likes her safe place in the corner, but we are making great strides with her interaction with others. We even brushed her this weekend. She really liked that. She has blown all her old fur and now has a nice soft coat. Her feathers at the back of her legs and on her tail are growing and are quite curly. She hops and jumps for her food. She is not a runner but is a follower of the dogs at the foster home. She loves car rides and normally sleeps while traveling. She gets in and out of the car on her own which she has learned by watching the resident dogs. She kennels on her own and is very good crated. If she is left alone she tends to chew things like afghans and rugs. She is figuring out toys and loves to collect them in her spot. She does not bark except when the other dogs bark. We are going to start working on commands such as sit and stay. She is a smaller golden at 57 pounds. She does have a heart murmur which was confirmed by the vet. It is a level two but it appears that she will not need medication for this and she will be able to live a long happy life.

June 18, 2021:

Doreen’s personality is coming out every day. She loves tennis balls and has learned to retrieve them and drop near me. She has even slept on my bed a time or two. She goes in for her spay surgery next week. They will also check her heart murmur and remove a broken canine tooth. She eats like a champ and has bonded with my other breeder release dog. She goes in and out of her kennel and is a good dog while in the kennel. In the evening she sleeps on the afghan next to my bed. She is a good girl in the car and is just the cutest thing.

May 29, 2021:

Doreen is adjusting to her new life. She follows her foster sisters everywhere. She is house trained. She goes into her kennel but barks when in it. She loves to go for walks. She knows how to get into and out of cars. Very smart but very nervous. She has a safe space in the corner of the living room.