Dog ID: 22-071

November 16, 2022:

Eleanor, now Kerrigan, has been adopted by a wonderful couple that has another rescued dog named Hunter. Kerrigan settled in right away and made herself right at home!

Her blanket was on a huge dog bed, her bed was next to it. She didn’t wait for the puppy stairs, she launched herself on our king-size bed and wedged herself between her human and Hunter. Hunter got hot and jumped off. She proceeded to stretch out like she owned the place. We both smiled as Hunter sighed.

The first night she woke up at 3:00am to go potty, took them out, she did both outside and waited for her treat.

Hunter is a good big brother. I tell him gentle and he slows down. Kerrigan is a great girl!

Adopted November 6, 2022

September 22, 2022:

Eleanor just arrived at her new foster home a couple of days ago. She is roughly about 16 weeks and a Goldendoodle. She has some brown tones in her fur as you will see in the photos of her. She is settling in nicely as we get to know this little sweetie and she gets to know us and our crew here. She will have 1 foster sister and 2 foster brothers, all 3 goldens, to show her the ropes around here. She has already become buddies with her foster sister playing and getting the zoomies in the yard. She is docile and like a fluffy little teddy bear. She will cuddle and lay with you. She loves chasing and playing with tennis balls and other toys.
We are working on crate training her and it’s going ok. We are feeding her in there during mealtimes so she is liking that and she will occasionally go in and check it out then come out. Hoping she will use it as her resting and safe area as well. At night is a bit different. The first night wasn’t too bad, the second night was a bit rough at first but then I remembered I had bought a Snuggle puppy for any puppy we may foster in the future and I am glad I had it on hand. Once I put that in her crate she settled in and slept sound all night with no issues. Arthur one of her foster brothers slept in the same room with her as well so I am sure that helped also.
She is doing pretty good on potty training and had a couple of accidents yesterday but we will keep working with her on it and I bet she will have it figured out in no time! We have 2 acres of fenced-in yard so she has plenty of room to explore, run and play. 
We were able to get her into our vet right away and get her checked for different things. She has a fractured tooth that will fall out soon since she still has all puppy teeth. So nothing to worry about there. She weighed in at 18 lbs 2 oz. So fairly small and light. She did test positive for Coccidia, Giardia and Hookworm so we are treating her for those and hope to have them cleared up fairly soon. Her stools are nice and solid so that is helpful in making sure we get it all picked up in the yard when she goes. The vet said overall she looks good and will be a great dog for a wonderful family.
We are going to keep working on socializing her as it is unknown how much socializing she has had before coming into GRRoW. We will also be having a friend of ours that is a groomer, groom her up a bit so she can see a little better, trim her paws, and sanitary area to keep her clean.
More to come on this little peanut as we all get to know each other!