Dog ID: 16-014PR | Male|

June 1, 2022: 

I have been so Blessed to have this wonderful, handsome, Fuzzy boy in our lives. I remember when you ladies met me to take him home. He was a little skittish. When I got him home the first thing he did was go right over to Cheryl and sit right between her legs. Needless to say she fell right in love with him. He was a very smart boy for being a stray. We always thought he might have had a home at one time for some of the basic things he knew like sitting and staying etc. He did have some issues like counter surfing and he figured out how to open the garbage drawer. I told you he was smart, sometimes too smart for his own good. Like all Goldens he loved his car ride (as you can see in one of the pics I sent) and going to the dog park. Almost everyone that ever met him just thought he was the most handsome boy and they were right. With tears in my eyes Elias will be truly missed. Thank you Jackie & GRRoW for bringing him to us. With all my loving to GRRoW.