Dog ID: 22-017

July 19, 2022:

Finn has continued to do well in our home and we cannot imagine our lives without him. My husband and I often ask each other how we survived without him. He has hit his toddler stage from what people tell us and had one morning where he was a little too quiet – he shredded a cardboard cat house and basket we had. Since then, we have had no incidents. We will keep our fingers crossed! He has mastered potty training and had very few accidents even as a puppy – we got lucky. We thought he had outgrown excited peeing, but that still tends to happen when people arrive at our house or if he’s eating his breakfast or supper. We got him a sprinkler and pool and he initially showed little to no interest, now he will run through the sprinkler and get in the pool. We are hoping he takes a liking to the water so when we head to the lake he can enjoy himself. Finn has mastered sit, stay, and no while we are working on shake, come, and leave it. He continues to be obsessed with food, so we keep feeding him from a maze bowl. A few weeks ago he was neutered and we were told he may not have an appetite and may be drowsy, but he was back to his normal self that evening. We often wonder if anything would slow him down. Our cats continue to tolerate him, will lay next to him, but would prefer he not get too close too quickly. You can tell Finn would like to be good friends with them, so maybe one day! A few times we have come home to them sunning together in the window on the couch, so perhaps they like each other more when we are gone. We have several little kids in our neighborhood and when Finn sees them he gets so excited. He gets more excited around kids than anyone else. He has a special noise he makes, almost like a grunt, and he will do this when he is excited to see someone or if he’s getting his food/treat. He continues to like car rides and will almost immediately go to sleep in the back seat. His favorite past time is snuggling his humans, playing with his toys, going for walks, and eating grass. We love him so much and we cannot imagine our lives without him.

May 15, 2022

Finn is a happy little guy because he officially has been adopted by his fosters! More information from his humans will be coming soon.

April 11, 2022:

Everyone Finn meets loves and adores him! He gets really excited when it’s time to go on walks and always finds some “treasure” along the way. He’s learning some basic commands but at times tests his boundaries. Recently he was left alone in the house for an hour and had no accidents and there was no destruction. He has mastered the stairs and doesn’t understand why he can’t cut off his fosters while going down them! In general Finn is a sweet, cuddly, fun-loving Golden puppy.

March 17, 2022:

Finn is a very sweet and affectionate little puppy. When he went to the vet, he got so excited to meet the staff that he even peed a little on their floor! During his exam he would lean up against the vet and tech to get as much touch and pets as possible. He craves human interaction and wants to be touching his people even when he’s on a leash. Potty training is going well, and he sleeps through the night. He loves his food – when he eats his tail just goes a wagging! He walks good on a leash and has fun jumping in piles of snow. Finn is a just happy little guy who loves life and people.