Dog ID: 22-014

April 12, 2022:

Flash has found his forever home.  We are a failed foster!  Flash has been with us for a month plus. He has integrated into our home, lives and hearts. Our resident dog Thunder his now big brother has bonded with him and has taught him how to live a great life with us.  Flash is now Zak and responding well to his new name. He is healthy, growing and filing out to be a beautiful golden boy. He is learning basic commands however still has a lot of puppy energy now 9 months old. We will be starting some classes to further his training. 

Zak’s days are spent playing fetch, playing with Thunder,  needing to have as many toys as possible around him at all times.  He loves to be outside running around in constant motion.  He has play dates with the neighbor’s young poodle to tire them both out.   He loves to go for rides looking out the window all the while.  Everything is new and exciting to him.  In the evening he is anywhere you find his big brother, both needing to rest after full fun-filled day.

March 11, 2022:

Flash is an 8-month-old puppy. Following a brief episode of diarrhea, he seems to be settling into his foster home well. He is a typical Golden Retriever puppy, who terrorizes his ever-patient mentor dog, and is constantly looking for something to chew or carry around…even a few things he shouldn’t. More to follow about Flash’s great adventure.