Dog ID: 22-058

October 3, 2022:

Flynn is now 92 days old. That’s 13 weeks old! I think he’s doubled in size (but that could just be me 😊)

He sleeps through the night, knows his name, offers sits, loves belly rubs, loves playing tug with my 5-year-old as well as going into her food dishes to see if anything is left. Flynn eats Fromm puppy (pink bag), loves to snuggle with me when the playing is over, or he needs a rest. He goes into his crate easily, doesn’t get carsick and is quiet in the car.

He continues to stop and focus on new neighborhood sounds- noisy mufflers, bicycles, teens talking, other dogs, leaf blowers, kids on a playground, garbage trucks, street sweepers, roofers, semi-trucks and runners. We’ve exposed him to many different kinds of people on walks and as they walk by our house. He’s had his nails trimmed many times and lets you take things out of his mouth easily while you work the toy off of his puppy teeth.

Flynn is at 80% strong on these commands – come, sit, off, leave it, wait, okay, kennel up, no bite, no bark , belly rub, treat, no, yes. Are some new commands to you? We’ll teach you!! Flynn’s nickname is ” Little Man” which he gets called on occasion.

Adopted Sept. 25, 2022

August 26, 2022:

Flynn just arrived in foster care. Look at what his foster mom has to say about this sweet boy:

Flynn is fabulous!!! He sleeps through the night!! He goes to the bathroom outside. No accidents in the house—fingers crossed ! I carried him up and down the stairs to get outside the first day because I was trying to get him outside fast. No need for that anymore! He can go up and down the five steps into our house.

Flynn is chewing anything within reach. When I look into his mouth, I can see swollen bumps for the back molars, so I am keeping chew toys within reach at all times. His favorite is a frozen washcloth. The corners can reach his back teeth easily. On occasion, a chew toy gets caught on one of his teeth and I have to work it off. Man, those teeth are sharp!!

And if you aren’t in love with Flynn yet, he let me trim his front nails without any squirming!! Yes, Flynn is a good dog!! He’s going to be a fabulous pet for someone !