Dog ID: 22-008

March 1, 2022:

We saw the doggie behaviorist and we are working on her recommendations and will start her obedience class soon. One session with her and he is doing better with our implementation of the house rules;) Scout has “leave it” mastered with food and I will also use that command when he grabs my pant legs or sweater and he is about 60% on listening the first time. Beginning to show some level of self control. Puppy biting is starting to get a little better too.

A friend has a 2 acre highly fenced oak savannah that is available to us anytime, started with a play date yesterday. He loved it after initially being super intimidated by this huge female playmate.

We absolutely love him and he is a great, fun, and smart dog:) The dog trainer said he had the right personality, smarts, and attributes to be a therapy dog:)

February 2, 2022:

Scout (Gabe) is doing really well. This is our first night with our new puppy. He was introduced to new toys with medium interest, “got” his ball toy that spits out pieces of dog food, right away. He has been on a 10 foot leash for the first four hours. Stuck very close to us. Seems to understand his “area.” Has sit mastered, almost has down, started to work on come and showed a little bit of understanding of what we wanted. When he wandered a bit or looked at door, we’ve followed with taking him out. Met his big human brother, Will, and did fine. Cried and followed me when I left him with Will for two minutes to get dog food out of garage. During winter and eves we walk laps around the kitchen/living area. When we started he followed us around in our big circle for maybe 8 minutes before he got distracted. Unbelievable! Bill just got on floor and settled with him, finally. Fell asleep in maybe 3 minutes. Will take him out one more time and see how nighttime goes.

January 26, 2022:

Gabe has had quite a few accidents earlier today despite us taking him out quite often. I think we just got off schedule from one another, and the later part of the day has gone much better than this morning. 🙂

Training wise the thing I need to work on to start is Gabe taking treats better, he currently attempts to eat your entire hand when giving him a treat. I’ve been trying open palm instead.

Gabe is also into chewing on everything he shouldn’t, and we’re constantly redirecting him to appropriate toys. He’s been a handful today but well worth the effort.

January 23, 2022:

It’s been a wonderful day so far. Gabe is eating and drinking very well. Gabe got a bath this morning, he did pretty well but didn’t love it.

Gabe has been much more interested in my two resident dogs today so we’ve tried out some slow introductions to start getting them used to each other. I think they will all do great together.