Dog ID: 22-024

October 20, 2022:

Garth has been adopted! An update from his new family will be coming soon!

Adopted  May 23, 2022

March 20, 2022:

What a busy week! Just like having a newborn again!! Garth is doing very well. We think he has skipped the infant stage and jumped right into the toddler phase of puppyhood! He is into EVERYTHING! He is such a joy and so much fun to watch him explore and play. His personality is so unique! He is SO outgoing and curious about the world.

He is having the “typical” puppy accidents but not that often and never at night! He either sleeps in his crate or on my daughter’s bed and goes out 3 times through the night.

We are working on the teething and giving him plenty of chew toys.

Garth has not been able to meet the rest of the dogs/cats in the house as he has roundworms and is being treated. His last dose of medication is on the 26th. He then sees the vet on the 28th for his 1st overall wellness check. We hope after that he can officially meet the whole family!

As you can see below he loves his walks & plying in puddles! He took a hard nap and went for his 1st bath (which he tolerated but not a big fan).

March 13, 2022:

Garth is new in foster care. More information will follow.