Dog ID: 22-042

January 20, 2023:

We are officially foster failures and have adopted Ghost! Ghost was already pretty well settled, being in foster for a few months while he recovered from his surgery, but now that he can jump and play again he is even more happy to be in his forever home. Ghost is still all puppy, he loves to sneak in the bathroom for a TP snack or take a munch off the tree bark when we aren’t looking. He is making strides with his commands however, since he will do anything for a treat. In the morning he runs so quickly inside for breakfast, we might have to get a speed bump in our kitchen. Here is Ghost enjoying one of his presents after celebrating his first Christmas with us.

Adopted December 23, 2022

November 4, 2022:

Thank you all for your well wishes to Ghost. He is doing well! His right elbow had more work done than the left so he’s favoring the left leg. We’ve been joking that he forgot his pants at the vet.
It is hard to discourage jumping and playing but so far he lets us put on the cone and sleeps well with it on in his crate. He doesn’t mind us icing his elbows with frozen peas. He has a few weeks of recuperation and then we can consider his forever home. These are my before and after pictures.

October 6, 2022:

Ghost is doing well and enjoying the fall weather we’ve been having lately! He loves to go on walks and sniff around, maybe crunch on a leaf or two. He is excellent at fetch and has nearly mastered “drop it”.

Sometimes, Ghost can be a troublemaker. He likes to ensure you are giving him your full attention by grabbing shoes, blankets, the curtains, “talking”, or bringing you his food bowl 10 minutes after finishing dinner. Did we mention Ghost loves to eat? Ghost is using a puzzle bowl now because he was eating too quickly (so he could run to his foster brother’s bowl for seconds).

Ghost is all puppy and keeps us on our toes. He is scheduled for his bilateral arthroscopy Nov 1, but we are on call for cancellations this month. Ghost is not so sure about being on bed rest, but he is open to getting more attention and treats during his recovery.

September 17, 2022:

Ghost has quickly settled into his new foster home. He loves to play with his foster brother, especially tug of war. Ghost is a very sweet boy who enjoys fetch and cuddling on the couch. He’s very attentive – he’ll notice squirrels from our living room window that are outside or will watch the TV intently. He is very food motivated and eager to learn. He settles easily into his crate at night but can be a bit of an early riser. We’re looking forward to getting to know Ghost better and work with him to reinforce his knowledge of commands.

June 26, 2022:

Camping with Ghost was an adventure.  He was great in the car, it was a long trip (3+ hrs). We did some stops along the way, for potty breaks and exercise.  In camp, he was tied on a long lead most of the time. Trouble with that was all the trees he could get tangled up in! He was very curious about everyone and everything going on.  Ghost has really never barked much.  We had a group camp next to use with a dog that barked.  Ghost decided to bark right back!  New commands we worked on were “enough” and “no bark”!  He caught on pretty well unless our neighbor talked.  He’d answer just to have the last word!  Ghost also learned to swim.  He played in the shallow water with sticks, etc.  but when his foster brother Truman went out deep for sticks, he just couldn’t stand it and jumped right in.  By the end of our trip he was retrieving sticks and loving the water!

When Ghost arrived in foster care, I noticed he favored his right front leg.  After a rousing play date with some other Goldens, he favored his leg and was lame.  After rest, he was good.  At out vet visit, I mentioned this issue.  After examining the leg the vet said he could have a right elbow dysplasia, but may grow out of it since his growth plates have not fully developed.  They are unable to  X-ray at this time to be 100% sure as nothing would show up until Ghost was fully grown.  I asked if Ghost should be restrained, but was told no, he would limit his activity based on his comfort level.  If Ghost doesn’t “grow out of this” he will require future surgery.  According to my vet, there is a very high success rate at reducing lameness.

I am extremely happy with how easy Ghost has been as a foster.  Just like a toddler, he has energy, but does get tired and is willing to go down for a nap.  You can’t get mad at him when you catch him stealing a shoe; or tearing apart your weed pile.  He knows when you don’t like what he’s doing… he gives you that “look” and he melts your heart. (but he still gets a good talking to).

Ghost has really improved on the leash, I no longer use the gentle leader, and just have a collar and sometimes a harness.  He does well with both.  He is much better at coming when called and we have not had an accident in the house since his first week.  Ghost loves other dogs, and he is really interested in people, especially children.  I think he would be a great dog for a family with school age kids, or a home with another dog.  He loves to snuggle up with his foster brother and foster mom too.  Ghost is a wonderful guy with a big heart and he will be a great companion to some family.  He is ready to find his “forever home”.

June 20, 2022:

It was a busy weekend for Ghost. We babysat GRRoW’s foster Bobby for a few days. He was a great guest and such a loveable guy. It was great fun for Ghost to have someone younger to run after and play with. Ghost is doing very well. He is no longer crated at night and sleepsuntil morning. He is so much fun and so loveable. One of his favorite things is to cuddle and be close to either his foster mom or brother.The command we are concentrating on is “look” or getting Ghosts attention when called. His attention is usually elsewhere with so many things to explore! We walk with our leash and he is doing very well; he loves to go on the trails in the woods. Ghost and his foster brother are going camping “up north” for a week. Looking forward to our adventure. When we get back, Ghost will be looking for his forever home. Anyone would be lucky to adopt him, he is a happy-go-lucky guy!  By the way, I am the white one in the bunch!

June 14, 2022:

Ghost arrived at his foster home on 6/9/22.  Since his arrival he has adapted well and made himself at home.  He “loves” his older foster brother, Truman (age 7, NM) and wants to be his shadow.  While Truman wasn’t sure he wanted to be best friends he has decided he’s OK, especially when they cuddle together for a nap.

Ghost is 7 months old and weighs approx. 45#.  His disposition is happy, loving and curious. Ghost is extremely smart and alert to his surrounds.  He wants to know and explore everything but is cautious.  While he is a young pup, his energy level is  medium.  He will play hard and  likes walks, but settles down in the home and will go on his bed or just relax by his foster brother.  He loves to meet people.  He has played with numerous neighbor dogs and gets along well.  He is learning how to interact with other dogs and learn their signals.  He tends to guard his toys with other dogs but is willing to play tug without being greedy.  He still will try and steal the toy/stick away but is much nicer about it!  I think Ghost was a hoarder in his past life, he loves to take every toy out of the box and put them all on his bed.  He also will find shoes, clothes, whatever and do the same.  He does not damage them, just collects them!

We are working at reinforcing potty training.  We have had two accidents, both the fault of the Foster Mom for not taking him out after his naps, but otherwise doing great.  Ghost is crated during the evenings, and he has no accidents during that time.  

Ghosts know quite a few commands. Sit is his #1 command and he excels at it.  Come, leave it, no, off are also known.  He usually comes unless there is something more interesting going on.  We are working on this!  For the most part he’s great and doesn’t want to leave your side.  In fact, he will be your shadow.  He pulls on a leash, so we have been practicing walking with the gentle leader.  100% improvement, no pulling, but he still needs to get used to this type of leash.  Ghost rides well in the car and will settle down.  (he needs some help getting in the car though, he’s not quite big enough!)

We are going camping soon, a new experience.  Stay tuned to see how our adventure goes.

June 11, 2022:

Ghost was an excited puppy and we played awhile outside before he got a bath. He got a new collar and the GRRoW tag.  Ghost is 100% pup, likes to dig into the toy bin, although tears all soft toys apart, so they got put away. He hasn’t really had a chance to play with his foster brother. Today we’re weeding so lots of time outside. More as we learn about this young one and how he handles lots of freedom within a fenced area.