Dog ID: 22-083 | 3 Year, 11 month- old Female | Medium Energy

Medium Energy

GRRoW welcomed Goldie into rescue on Saturday October 29, 2022. It was obvious that she has much love to give and is such a happy girl. Shortly after entering rescue it was discovered that Goldie had some previously undetected medical issues. Fortunately, she was scheduled for her wellness check on October 31st, and the vet was able to schedule her spay surgery and removal of a mammary tumor the same day. The tumor was sent out for biopsy and we recently received the news that it was benign.

Goldie is now recovering from her surgery, and is learning about the good life in her foster home. She loves to be with her foster parents, and is looking forward to playing with her foster siblings. She is doing a lot of rest and recovery, but when we are not checking on her, she is curious about where we are and why we aren’t giving her constant attention. She recently learned that she loves treats.

We look forward to seeing Goldie become her best self. Welcome to a new chapter in your life, Goldie.