Dog ID: 21-043

September 3, 2021:

Our family is happy to report that Griffin (now called Tully) is growing fast and we are working on potty training. Griffin and Jameson are getting along well! (Griffin is the lighter colored dog.)

August 24, 2021:

Griffin has found his forever home!

August 16, 2021:

Griffin had a very busy week. Now that his tummy is doing better the potty training is coming along nicely. He has had more days with no accidents in the house than days with accidents. We are going out once in the middle of the night. He continues to dislike the kennel and does not like to be alone. Griffin went swimming and showed his fearlessness by walking right in and paddling with no problem. We visited the Farmers Market and he was a bit overwhelmed at first but enjoyed walking on the leash away from the crowds. Because he is such a cutie he received many pets from the crowd and seemed to enjoy every second. Griff loves playing with his foster brother and sister. Toys are spread near and far as he loves chewing. He is looking forward to meeting his forever family and learning their routine. He will be a great addition to a special family.

August 6, 2021:

Griffin is a beautiful little boy that enjoys everything he tries. Although he is a very tiny fellow , he amazes us by his fearlessness and a willingness to try everything. He goes up and down stairs, through a magnetic screen, and follows the big dogs around the yard. He is not a fan of the kennel but will settle down in the kennel on car rides. Griffin enjoys meeting people and all other dogs he has met so far. Griffin may do well joining a family with another dog.

July 27, 2021:

Griffin is new in foster care. More information will follow.