GRRoW's Three-Way Golden


GRRoW is committed to meeting all the medical needs of the dogs we bring in, but sometimes the expenses are higher than normal. Here are three pups who could use your support.

Mae came into GRRoW with a growth on her leg that rapidly grew and was causing her pain. At the recommendation of her veterinarian, her leg was amputated. Unfortunately, she has been diagnosed with osteosarcoma. Her surgery cost nearly $5,000 but brought her immediate relief and she is doing well. Additionally, Mae will receive chemotherapy treatments costing estimated an $2,400. Mae will be a forever foster with our goal to make sure her last days are some of her best.

Belle is a young sweet 3-year-old Golden that needed bilateral TPLO surgery. Everyone who meets her immediately falls in love with this beautiful girl, and we are optimistic with medical treatment she will have a very bright future. Her surgery is estimated at $8,000.

Jack is a sweet boy who suffers from seizures. Since coming into GRRoW, he required hospitalization to stabilize him and adjust his medication. He is doing much better, and we are continuing to monitor his neurological condition. His emergency visits were $2,900 and his monthly medication costs are around $140.

It is through generous donations that make the care of these wonderful dogs possible. If you can, please help us reach our goal of raising $15,000 to help cover these costs.

Please enter “fundraiser” in the donation form comment box so we can track these donations.

Thank you in advance for your kind and heartfelt donation. It means a lot.


$1,550 raised as of July 6th.