Dog ID: 22-053

September 24, 2022:

Hank has our hearts! He fit in from the start here and made himself at home. He loves to play and wrestle and pester the cats all day with his brother, Ranger. He loves to take naps with his other brother, Rip. His other favorite things to do include zipping around the yard catching his frisbee and ball, boating, swimming and retrieving, collecting sticks, pulling out the grass, and playing with crickets. He is super snuggly and thinks he is a baby puppy. Someone told him he has “big feet like a lion” and they aren’t wrong! Hank is a little tank! Everyone who meets him adores him and we are so proud of him. He is a very good boy and we are all in love.

September 20, 2022:

Hank has settled in his new home and is doing well.

Adoption Date: September 20, 2022

August 17, 2022:

Hank is one amazing little guy! In the past three weeks, he’s gone from uncertain about simple things like going through a door, to racing through the door and playing frisbee with his foster brother. So far, he’s come to enjoy car rides, learned how to sit, spend time in his crate, greet visitors, and empty the toy box in 30 seconds flat! He’s absolutely everything you think of when you envision a golden retriever. When he gets excited, it’s hilarious watching him jumping and donkey kicking the air. He does a sweet little nose bop when he has to go potty, brings his bowl to me when he’s ready to eat, and best of all, he’s a great lapdog who loves snuggles at nap time. Careful, this little guy will steal your heart in seconds!!

July 24, 2022:

Hank is really enjoying his foster home.  He’s not so sure about humans, but he’s very inquisitive.  So far, he’s checked out the wading pool, cooled off a little and explored the main floor of the house.  He’s been fast asleep for the past hour, where we took advantage and trimmed his nails. More later when he has his vet appointment this week.