Dog ID: 21-058

January 13, 2022:

Harley snuck into our hearts in early November. I’m pretty sure it was love at first sight when he laid his head down on my shoulder and gave me kisses on the cheek. He’s always found a way to snuggle up to our other Golden, Dug, and with each one of us when we give him a call. He is sweet, gentle, inquisitive, playful, and has only made a peep twice since joining us – which took us by surprise to hear, since none of us had ever heard what his bark sounded like before! He is always full of energy and keeps me honest and active since he enjoys our daily runs together. We love how he gives kisses to each one of the kiddos when it is time to wake up, sneaks into bed with me when it is breakfast time (although sometimes it is earlier than necessary!), waits patiently by the window each morning the bus comes to make sure the kids get on, and hops right up in the car to go for rides each day. He is never far when I am home either and always finds a way to lay his head down near my feet. We are so in love and I am happy to say he is now our FOREVER Harley❤

January 12, 2022:

Harley has found his forever home!

December 23, 2021:

This sweet boy continues to be best friends with the resident Golden and often finds a way to snuggle up to him. He continues to enjoy car rides during his foster mom’s driving between kid functions and even has a favorite spot on the floor he sits in the mini-van. He has become accustomed to the morning and evening household routines, tucking himself into bed at night after only being called once, and sneaking into bed with his foster mom in the early morning, until she gets up to to get the kids moving for school. He has proven to be an excellent running companion, ignoring any other dogs or people we may pass, and stays right by his foster mom’s side. He does, however, LOVE to chase small animals….rabbits and squirrels in particular! It’s a good thing we have a fenced in backyard here! Harleycontinues to be the sweetest and gentlest dog and his foster family adores him.

November 16, 2021:

Harley has made himself right at home with his foster family since his first evening in the house, quickly making friends with the resident Golden and humans. He enjoys sniffing through the yard, treat time, and nap time, but one of his favorite activities is a regular run with his foster mom, pushing the mileage and the pace! He enjoys car rides and is good in the car and loves to snuggle at every opportunity. The entire family is helping Harley learn that jumping up when excited is not an expression of good manners and he is doing better with that behavior.

Harley did well at his vet checkup last week, jumping right onto the exam table to greet the staff! He will be neutered soon, but otherwise is a strong, healthy young dog.

November 7, 2021:

Harley arrived at his foster home yesterday and is settling in nicely. He was good in the car and enjoyed some outdoor time on a beautiful fall afternoon. Watch for updates as we get better acquainted with Harley