Dog ID: 19-037

November 26, 2020:

Miss Bun Buns has decided that she no longer wants to live as a foster dog but as an actual family member. This little lady has manipulated her way into my heart. She is relentless in wanting to be petted, is spirited, and has me hand feeding her meals. She is a spitfire at age 14 years and enjoys our 2 plus mile walks. When we are outside of the fenced-in yard she is always on a mission. Her nose leads the way. Her health is stable with occasional incontinence at night but that is what a washer is for. She has a zest for life that I admire.

August 25, 2020:

Honey has been upgraded to a forever foster. She continues to do very well but with her kidney issues and age she was put into our forever foster designation. She continues to be a stinker. I am on crutches and she is constantly standing in front of me or to the side. She follows me everywhere so it makes maneuvering difficult. Her favorite place has been the kitchen. She is a horrible beggar and will hit your arm with her nose to entice you to give up a goodie. She also is underfoot in the kitchen at all times waiting for something to fall. I have found she loves watermelon. She is still as spunky as ever and desperately wants to get out of the fenced in yard to kill some chickens or chase a cat. Luckily she hasn’t gotten out but she tries. She loves her kongs and bones filled with canned food during the day.

May 18, 2020:
Honey Buns is a crazy 13 year old. I have never met an older dog with so much energy. She is going for 2-3 mile walks about 5 times a week. She is the one who is pulling to go go go. She is obsessed with watching our chickens. I would hate to see how many she would catch before we could get her. She is so fast and energetic!! Like I said I have never met a 13 year old with so much piazza!!! She has enjoyed hoarding our kongs and bones. If I cannot find them they are hiding near her bed. She is an absolute love bug and wants to be petted all the time.


April 5, 2020:
Honey is back to herself. She has times where she isn’t quite herself which includes less energy and doesn’t eat well. When she isn’t eating well we let her eat anything she wants. Right now she is eating well and back to her energetic self. She is quite the stinker walking and tries to eat anything that is dead along the road. One day she got a hold of a possum and I had to get my husband to get it out of her mouth. Once she has something she wants it is impossible to get it away from her. He put on some gloves and got it out. I started to pull her away and he kept yelling at me. She had grabbed a hold of his gloves and his hands were still in them. She has jaws of steel.


February 27, 2020:
Honey has been moved to medical hold. She is not doing as well as even two weeks ago. She has been eating less and less. The last several days it has been hard to get her to eat anything but bread, french toast and today rice/eggs. Honey has been periodically throwing up water too. Unfortunately we cannot increase her medication for her kidney disease as it made her sick. She is still enjoying a lot of attention, begging at the table and being outside. She loves it outside!!! I will continue to monitor her health.


January 25, 2020:
Honey had her urine and blood work done to see how she was doing with her medication. She still has high protein in her urine. We tried to up her medication but she did not do well with it. She will remain on her current regimen of once a day. She is enjoying life. She loves the snow and running around in it. She loves being outside. She is very active for her age and has a lot of energy. Honey is very much a people dog and likes to be out where we are and getting pets. She does very well with other dogs and cats. She sleeps on a dog bed next to my husbands side of the bed.


January 4, 2020:
We got Honey’s urinalysis back and her protein went down but not as much as they would have liked to see. She is now on her medication twice daily. In one month we will retest her blood and urine to see if that is making a difference. She is still a delight. She loves to run around and her nose takes her all over the place. She is eating very well and LOVES treats. She is very much a “daddy’s” girl and is underfoot quite a bit. She sleeps next to his side of the bed.


December 15, 2019:
Honey is doing wonderfully. Her medication and new food are doing wonders for her. She is gaining weight too. We have been working hard on our recall and she is becoming quite reliable. She loves treats of any kind and chewing on bones. She also likes to to bury them in her bedding. She is the sweetest and most loving dog. She puts her feet on our legs when she wants attention and pets. We go back to the vet in about one month for a urine check and bloodwork.


November 23, 2019:
Honey is doing fabulously!! She has learned to go out the dog door so she lets herself out during the day. At night I set my alarm for 12:30 a.m. and make sure she goes out so there isn’t any pee accidents. Since being on medication and a special diet her water consumption has gone down. I had to buy her a harness because she pulled so much during our walks. She pulls harder than Scooby who is 4 years old. She has enjoyed a couple 2-3 mile walks and a lot of time outside on a leash. She definitely would follow her nose if she was off leash. Even though she is 13 yrs old she would be able to run for quite a distance. She ignores my cat when it is in the house but when the cat is outside she cannot keep her eyes off of it. She totally ignores the other dogs and is quite submissive. She hides her bones and toys under her blankets in her dog bed. She has started to sleep in our room on a different bed either next to me or my husband. Besides being a runner her only bad habit is begging. She thinks if she puts her feet on our knees and looks up at us she will get some. It works for me but not Timmy.


November 15, 2019:
Miss Honey Buns is doing great. We did find out that she is in stage 1 kidney disease. She is now on a prescription diet and a medication for kidney disease. There already has been a change in how much she is drinking. She has not had an accident at night or when we are gone for 8 hours a day. Her energy is crazy for being 13 years old. We went for our three mile walk today and I decided I have to get a no pull harness for her. She has been putting her feet on our lap and even climbed partially on the couch. She is the sweetest little gal.


November 4, 2019:
Honey is a very active 13 year old gal. She has gone for 2 and 3 mile walks. Her previous owner stated that she would run away if given a chance and to make sure the leash is on before you open the door. This is the truth….she will try to push past you to get out of a gate or door. I think she would run where her nose takes her. She ignores the other dogs in the house and is submissive to them. It took a couple of days before she would eat any dog food but cheese and bread were not an issue. I thought she was making it through the day without accidents but she had been peeing in her bed which is very strange since animals usually do not pee where they sleep. She also pees at night and sometimes when she is sleeping. She now has a room she goes in during the day with pee pads. However, she has chosen to pee in her bed and not on the pee pads…..she has me stumped.

I took Honey to the vet and they ran some blood work and took a urine sample. It turns out she does not concentrate her urine, has protein and red and white blood cells in it. She drinks a lot of water and since she cannot concentrate her urine she cannot have water withheld. The vet is running a culture to see if she has a urinary tract infection. Her kidney values in her blood work are a bit off too.

She is the sweetest old gal. I call her Honey Bun or Princess. She paws for attention and follows us around the house.