Honi Bear

Dog ID: 22-079

November 23, 2022:

There is nothing sweeter than a Honi Bear. She was a bit shy when we first met her but Honi met her new younger Golden brother with tail
wagging. She and Murphy have become fast friends. Out in the yard Honi will trot around showing off her ball and she loves it when Murphy
chases her. Then after a short sniffing break it is Murphy’s turn to instigate a chase and Honi knows all of the shortcuts to keep on his heels. Honi is easy to walk on a leash and we all go out every morning for a 45-minute walk. Honi keeps her nose close to the ground to check out which critters have crossed the road since yesterday. But in the
house, she is all about napping and has found several cozy nap spots, one of which is actually a dog bed. It did not take her long to learn our
routine and we are seeing more and more of her cute personality.

November 15, 2022:

Honi Bear is enjoying her furever home and younger brother. They love playing together and going for walks. More on this love bug when she settles into the winter weather.

Adopted November 8, 2022

October 12, 2022:

Honi Bear is certainly a sweetie and is doing fine. Still not eating or drinking much. Mixing in a little wet food which helps. Stays very close to me. Likes to go outside for short walks. Will explore on her own a bit when in fenced yard. Enjoys being brushed. Met my neighbor today while out walking and went up to her cautiously but on her own. Tail still tucked. Hope to see a wag soon. But though she lived in a house part time the world is a scary place for her.