Dog ID: 22-060

December 28, 2022:

Huck is doing very well. He is now about 40 pounds, growing from about 17 pounds when we took him home. He’s been to the veterinarian to complete his inoculations and wellness check. The doctor was very satisfied with Huck’s progress.

Huck is a very active and happy pup. I have taken him for long walks where he can be safely off leash. He enjoys running a lot and he usually gets exercised to exhaustion during these walks. We have also taken walks where leashes are required, and he is learning basic commands. He is now heeling well but he is a bit weak on recalls.

Huck is doing very good at socializing. He is very comfortable with all members of our family and tolerates all the attention he gets from other people. I have taken Huck to get togethers where there are dozens of people, and he enjoys the hugs and petting he gets. I’ve also exposed him to a couple of other dogs, and he has been fine with lots of play. I’ve not seen any signs of aggression with Huck.
It has been a long time since I came home to a wet nose and a wagging tail and that makes it all worthwhile!

October 8, 2022:

Huck was adopted recently and is enjoying life in his new home.
Adopted 09/29/2022

September 12, 2022:

Huck has been a wonderful pup to foster! He gets along with everyone he meets and loves to follow us around. He’s picked up basic skills like sit, but more importantly he does an excellent job walking at our side and following us around our yard. He loves to play with other dogs, and is very happy to see the cat (who does not reciprocate this sentiment).

Huck is going to make a great addition to one lucky family!

August 24, 2022:

Huck arrived at his foster home with one of his brothers and settled right in. He’s had his first vet visit and this happy boy with the distinctive eyebrows will be ready for his new home soon!