Freya ( was Ina)

Dog ID: 22-111

January 19, 2023: 

We are so happy to have Freya (known previously as Ina) in our home. She has been adjusting super well, rolling around in the snow in her new back yard, trying to pull whole branches around. She has attached herself to her new sister Xena a 10 year old pit bull who’s been showing her the ropes of her new home. Freya also likes to join her new mom in morning Yoga. Xena and Freya play and snuggle by the fire in the evenings. She has already brought us such joy adding to our family.

Adopted January 13, 2023

December 27, 2022:

She’s a cutie, inquisitive, and loves cuddles. Ina is ready to find her forever home. Such a sweetheart and that face will melt your heart. She is crate trained and sleeps through the night. Potty training is progressing and she is learning to use “bells” on the door to alert when she needs to go out. She loves to play with her sibling and other neighbor dogs. She’ll make a great companion for some lucky family.

December 18, 2022:

Ina joined the family this week. Ina is precious and sweet. A little timid on arrival, but as she explores her new home she becomes bolder and wants to explore everything. She loves the snow and going for walks. Her favorite things are wrestling and chasing her sister all day long. More on her adventures in the future.